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Best Laptops for Students to Buy Online in 2018

Best Laptops for Students

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Some of the questions that arise after reading this blog topic are: Which is the best laptops for students? How much does it cost? What are its specifications and is it really good for studying? If you’ve ever searched the web for some examples of student laptops, you may have wondered, “what is this shit?”

The concern is that none of the articles you read was written by a student. He was probably an author of a big website who was asked one day to build a list because it’s something that’s in demand on Google.

Me, on the other hand, I am indeed an engineering student. And like most of my colleagues, I had to buy online a laptop to work more easily at school.However, I did not want to buy the same thing as everyone else. Not because I wanted to do my rebel, but simply because I always try to make the most of the money I spend.

However, the majority of laptops that students buy, they are really not the best. Forget for a moment the different brands of laptops and different operating systems you know.

How to find the Best Laptops for Students ?

Best Laptops for Students

From what I observed in class, more than 90% of the time, the laptop just serves to display the course that is being given and take some notes.

From this simple use, we can already say that it would be interesting that the laptop has a good screen and a good keyboard. The first, to display the course clearly and avoid tiring eyes unnecessarily, and the second to take note quickly and easily.

Students also tend to move a lot. Not only from home or school, but from class to class and from campus to campus. In addition, it is not always possible to connect your pc to a power outlet.

Again, it would be interesting that the laptop is lightweight so it can be transported everywhere, and it has a long battery life to not always depend on a power outlet. Take a step back and think of all those simple needs you face as a student when using your laptop.

Maybe you need a fast computer to be able to load several web pages without worries. Or an internet connection capable of capturing long-distance Wifi.

Last but not least, a student needs a laptop at an affordable price. Unless you’re lucky enough to have parents ready to give you 1 lacs to buy the latest MacBook or create a successful business as a child, your budget is probably limited to a few hundred dollars. The less you spend, the better your wallet will be.

The notebook stage

Laptop sales really do not have the great shape anymore. In fact, they have even been declining for several years. This is mainly because smartphones and tablets have become so good and inexpensive that you no longer need a laptop to browse the web.

There is, however, a type of laptop whose sales, instead of falling, have only increased in recent years. To the point even to exceed those of Mac in the United States and thus become the second for sale after Windows PC.

Even more surprising: this type of laptop has only existed for five years. It means that in just five years, these extraordinary PCs have climbed the US market and have managed to sell better than computers from Apple, one of the largest brands in the world. If these computers have achieved such a feat, it is because they have been adopted in a massive way by a very particular sector: that of education.

In India, when a school has to equip laptops for its students, the school authority search for, Cheap, fast, secure and good quality Laptops. The best laptops for students.

The basic advantages of the Chromebook

Best Laptops for Students

Chromebooks are best laptops for students running under the Chrome OS operating system. Free and open-source, Chrome OS has been developed by Google to provide an alternative to all entry-level Windows PCs that are often slow and of poor quality.

To be able to call one of its machines a “Chromebook”, a manufacturer must respect a list of prerequisites imposed by Google, exactly as with the smartphone and the Android operating system. By working this way, Google allows manufacturers like Acer, Toshiba or Asus to integrate free chrome OS to their computers while keeping some control over the quality of these computers.

Thanks to this mode of operation, the Chromebooks have big basic advantages. Here are the four most important of them.


The price is a major advantage of the Best Laptops for Students ie Chromebook which makes them particularly interesting for students. Since manufacturers do not have to pay a license to integrate Chrome OS with their computers, they do not need to compensate for this cost by having it paid by the buyer. It is, therefore, possible to find Chromebooks at prices as low as Rs20,000 to Rs 30,000.

Material quality

Another point on which the Chromebooks are very advantageous is their material quality. Unlike entry-level Windows PCs where manufacturers are forced to make huge sacrifices to lower prices, Chromebooks still have good hardware quality. The case, screen, keyboard, touchpad, front camera, speakers, everything is solid and functional.


With Chrome OS optimizations and Google’s built-in requirements, the Best Laptops for Students ie. Chromebooks are incredibly fast.

When browsing the web with a Chromebook, everything is fast and easy. Pages load in an instant, sites, and applications get started quickly and everything is just simple, like the Google Chrome browser.

In addition, Chromebook startup takes less than 8 seconds and the standby output is instantaneous. The time to sit in your chair, he is ready for work.


The reason Chromebook is considered to be among the Best Laptops for Students is its security feature. A final major advantage of Chromebooks is their high security. On Chromebook, it is completely unnecessary to install an antivirus because Chrome OS has a foolproof firewall.

In addition, Chromebooks are automatically updated every six weeks with the latest performance and security improvements. Unlike many computers where performance drops over time, Chromebooks actually get faster and more secure with the passage of time.

These updates are also the most pleasant to make the world of computers. Downloading and installing themselves in the background, simply restart the Chromebook (which takes less than 10 seconds) and the update is effective. The price, the material quality, the speed and the security of the Chromebook are four major points you should look for. However, there are other specific advantages of using a Chromebook for studies. Coupled with their other strengths, these benefits make the Chromebook truly the best student laptops.

5 proofs that the Chromebooks are Best Laptops for Students.

During the studies, there are a number of features that you would really like to find on your laptop.Where it will sometimes be expensive to find these features on a Windows PC, we meet them at the most basic Chromebook. Of all my time spent studying with my Chromebook as a laptop, these features have been useful at times when I needed them and really help me to study better.

Google Office Suite

You probably know the Microsoft office suite. It is composed of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, respectively useful for writing documents, making presentations and creating spreadsheets. Google also has an office suite that is extremely similar to Microsoft and is sometimes even better . Google Docs for documents, Google Slides for presentations and Google Sheets for spreadsheets.

The big advantage that the Google suite has over Microsoft, besides being totally free, is its integration with the cloud. When working locally with eg Microsoft Word, your document is saved on the internal memory of your computer. To share this document with a friend, you will need to use a USB stick or send the file. If you forget to save your document, you may lose your USB stick or your computer’s memory is erased, you can say goodbye to it.

However, if you use Google Docs to type your document, it is automatically saved to your Google Drive account. If you want to share it with a friend, a simple click will allow it. If you would like to do group work and several people can edit the same document at the same time, this is possible too.

Often going from my Chromebook to my pc, it would be a nightmare if I had to transfer documents to me with a USB stick. Instead, I open my Drive and everything is automatically synchronized between all my devices. I can even read a summary on my smartphone if I want.

Organizing lessons, taking notes, and working in Google Drive makes it a lot easier when you’re a student. No need to worry about carrying your USB stick everywhere, your documents are safe in the cloud.


Chromebooks are usually has great mobility. They are light, thin, and slip easily into a bag. In addition, they have a huge battery life. It is not uncommon for a Chromebook to hold 8, 10 or even 12 hours without needing to be charged.

Personally, I did not even need to take my current charger to be sure not to run out of battery. If you leave charging your Chromebook overnight, you are certain that it will hold the whole day of the next day, even with the display on continuously. This is one of the reason its one of the Best Laptops for Students.

Keyboard and touchpad

Another factor of mobility but also of productivity is the keyboard and the touchpad of the Chromebook. If you’ve ever had a Windows laptop, you’ve probably tried to avoid using its touchpad a maximum. It is therefore common for windows pc users to walk around all day with a mouse and a mouse pad so they can navigate properly.

Instead of the F1, F2, etc. buttons found on the windows, the Chromebooks have buttons with icons clearly showing their functionality, such as increasing volume or page refresh.

Note taking is a real pleasure with a Chromebook, as is the navigation on the web.


A point often forgotten and yet so important is the connectivity of laptops. Yes, if you want to make the most of your school’s Wi-Fi network, you’re going to need a Chromebook. Thanks to their double band Wifi, the Chromebooks manage to capture further, stronger and faster any Wifi network.

In addition, if you want to connect a Bluetooth device such as a speaker or other to your Chromebook, you will benefit from the latest technology in the field. Where Bluetooth 4.0 is still quite rare in other laptops at the time of writing this article, it is almost standard in the Chromebook.

In a world where Wi-Fi is extremely important for taking lessons and making notes easily, connectivity is a major parameter. That, the Chromebook understood it.

Operating system

The Chrome OS operating system is made to be simple and functional above all else. “Less is more”. When working on a Chromebook, things work, that’s all.

  • You will get No Windows popup to tell you that there is a problem with the firewall.
  • No antivirus that you spam to switch to the paid version.
  • You will not need any charger, mouse or mouse pad to take everywhere with you.
  • Nor any crash, memory error or forced restart.
  • It works. That’s all.

When you’re a student, what you need is a laptop that works. If possible for not too expensive, and without making big sacrifices in terms of its material quality. The Best Laptops for Students is a Chromebook.

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