Top 5 ‘MADE IN INDIA’ Smartphones You Can Buy Online

The smartphone market in India is undoubtedly one of the most prominent areas of public interest. Most recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people who desire to buy a ‘Made in India’ smartphone. Be it the growing sentiment and desire for purchasing a durable Indian product or more emphasis on privacy concerns, Indian made smartphones have found more attraction amongst the users. The users can be provided with many advantages by using the ‘Made in India’ devices. We have listed the best 5 Indian made smartphones which you can choose as your next purchase and you won’t be discontented:

Here are the list of the Top 5 ‘MADE IN INDIA’ Smartphones


Samsung launched the M series in 2019, especially for the millennial users. The unique selling proposition of this series is the processor and battery capacity. So, if you are the kind of user who prioritizes performance, the Galaxy M31 definitely fulfills your requirements. The key specifications of this Indian made smartphone are:

Display6.4 Inches (1080 x 2340)
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9611 (2.3 GHz)
Front Camera/Rear Camera32 MP/64+8+5+5 MP
Battery Capacity6000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy M31 pros:

  • Neat AMOLED display
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Fast processor
  • Quad camera setup

Samsung Galaxy M31 cons:

  • Absence of stock android
  • Inadequate camera performance in low light
  • No removable battery
  • No wireless charging

The quad rear camera setup gives the smartphone a decent look without compromising much of the space at the back. All in all, if you want an impressive mid-range made-in-India smartphone, the Galaxy M31 is one of the best in the market under the ₹ 20K mark.

2. NOKIA 7.2

With sophisticated design and regular updates, Nokia has made an impressive mark in the last few years. We can say, Nokia is back and you can rely on them just like the good old days. What’s more? Nokia has a manufacturing plant in Chennai. If you want a good-looking, premium designed smartphone coupled with a clean UI, Nokia 7.2 will definitely be worthy to notice. The key features of this phone at a glance are:

Display6.3 Inches (1080 x 2340)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 660 (Octa-core)
Front Camera/Rear Camera20 MP/48+5+8 MP
Battery Capacity3500 mAh

Nokia 7.2 pros:

  • Exceptional design
  • Stock android
  • Both SIM cards support 4G
  • Good camera quality

Nokia 7.2 cons:

  • Dismal low-light camera performance
  • Small battery capacity
  • Comparatively costly considering the features
  • Absence of wireless charging

The Nokia 7.2 gives you a decent camera setup and simple stock android feel. For users who value regular updates, stock android and balanced performance in a device, this Indian made smartphone from Nokia can be a good deal. You can get this smartphone for ₹ 18K- ₹ 20K range.


Now, the reason for including Galaxy A10 in our list of top Indian made smartphones is the price segment and the quality you get irrespective of its affordability. The A-series was launched taking into consideration the reach to users who want a good device at low and medium prices. As for the Galaxy A10, the following are the pivotal specifications:

Display6.2 Inches
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 7884 (Octa-core)
Front Camera/Rear Camera05 MP/13 MP
Battery Capacity3400 mAh

Samsung Galaxy A10 pros:

  • Regular android update support
  • Good build quality
  • Decent camera performance
  • Good battery backup

Samsung Galaxy A10 cons:

  • Rear speaker placement which blocks some sound
  • No NFC feature
  • Absence of fingerprint sensor
  • Single rear camera setup

Under the price segment of ₹ 10K, the A10 is a beautiful smartphone which delivers the right features in the entry-level smartphone market.


The much-awaited mid-range Apple smartphone can be a possible pick for users who want the Apple authenticity and a change from the android platform. Although the features and specifications provided by other manufacturers are theoretically higher than the iPhone SE, you can always rely on privacy and high build quality factor of Apple devices. The main specifications of this device which might soon be assembled in India are:

Display4.7 Inches (750 x 1334)
ProcessorApple A13 Bionic (Octa-core)
Front Camera/Rear Camera07 MP/12 MP
Battery Capacity1821 mAh

Apple iPhone SE 2020 pros:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • High chances of regular iOS update support
  • Good processor
  • Wireless charging availability

Apple iPhone SE 2020 cons:

  • Small screen size
  • Average battery capacity
  • Costly considering features & android competitors
  • Absence of micro SD card slot

It must be noted that even if the Apple devices offer less specifications than their android competitors, the utility and stability is always better. The pricing of this affordable made in India Apple smartphone starts from ₹ 42K and increases depending on the internal storage capacity which you choose.


The most attractive and high-end Indian made smartphone of the list is from Samsung. The launch of this device was a much-awaited one amongst the tech enthusiasts in the country. If you want a life-long flagship device which is proudly made in India, the Note 10 and Note 10+ can be your companion for life. Let’s take a look at the important specifications of this device:

Display6.8 Inches (1440 x 3040)
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9825 (1.9 GHz Octa-core)
Front Camera/Rear Camera10 MP/12+16+12+0.3 MP
Battery Capacity4300 mAh

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ pros:

  • Beautiful display and screen resolution
  • High battery capacity
  • High camera performance
  • Wireless charging is present

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ cons:

  • No removable battery
  • Size can be large for some users
  • Absence of standard 3.5 mm headphone slot
  • Expensive

So, if you are willing to invest ₹ 84K for a flagship device which can be your companion for a long time, the Note 10+ gives you one of the best options in the market. You can also check out the Note 10 that is less expensive from the note 10+. It has to be noted that you will have to compromise a bit on the screen resolution and some features.


Here we have it! The best 5 Made in India smartphones which you can check out online! It must be understood that most of the Indian made smartphones, even the ones we have mentioned are assembled & partly manufactured in India. The capability to manufacture a smartphone and all its components is gradually increasing in the country. But you can always choose the ones which have been assembled or partly manufactured in India for a proven high-quality device experience. Can you list down few more made in India smartphones in the comment section below?

Motorola One Fusion: First Impressions & details

The Motorola one fusion is an upcoming smartphone from the well-known Motorola brand. It is estimated to be launched in August 2020 in India. You can expect the Motorola one fusion to cost under ₹ 20000/-. Most recently, Motorola has been providing a decent number of features in their smartphones. The balance of features and cost has been a vital factor for people to consider buying a Motorola smartphone. The devices from Motorola are furnished with regular updates. Apart from this, let us take a look at the possible reasons to be considered if you want to buy the Motorola one fusion smartphone:


Anyone can agree that Motorola one fusion is a sibling of the Motorola one fusion plus which was launched in June 2020. Look wise, it does not have drastic design changes compared to the fusion plus. The screen size is the same with some compromise on processor, cameras and RAM as compared to its launched sibling. Motorola has managed to provide an all-powerful battery in both the handsets. Eventually, it looks a classy mid-range smartphone with a high emphasis on the camera and software features.

The rear portion contains a quad-camera setup which are arranged neatly and parallel to the edge of the smartphone. So, you won’t feel that a lot of space has been utilized at the rear. Besides the orderly camera placement in the back, the ‘one fusion’ has a water drop notch in the front. The 6.5 inches screen display will definitely meet most of your video and gaming requirements. All in all, you can expect a neatly designed smartphone provided by Motorola. On GSMArena, you can find official images of this smartphone.


Operating systemAndroid 10
Internal storage64 GB
Front camera8 MP
Rear camera48 + 8 + 5 + 2 MP Quad camera setup
Battery capacity5000 mAh
Screen size6.5 inches
3.5 mm audio jackYES
Fingerprint sensorYES
ProcessorQualcomm snapdragon 710


The prime attraction of this smartphone which might serve as the unique selling proposition is the rear camera setup. The segregation of the quad rear camera setup is as follows:

48 Megapixels: Major camera lens

8 Megapixels: Wide angle lens

5 Megapixels: Macro lens

2 Megapixels: Depth sensor

Quad camera setup in a smartphone has different lens performing different functions. These functions are determined by the manufacturer and depend on how the makers want their camera to work. The configurations of this setup can vary mainly in 3 different settings. For instance, in some smartphones, the wide-angle lens can be replaced with a monochrome lens. The telephoto lens is also provided in some smartphones. But, for the Motorola one fusion, the makers have given priority to the wide-angle lens. You can expect a satisfactory camera performance from the ‘one fusion’.

In terms of the front camera configuration, the 8 megapixels single lens can be enough to meet the regular requirements of general users. It should be noted by the users that the front camera in the Motorola one fusion plus is pop-up type. You won’t get the same pop-up mechanism in the Motorola one fusion. It is not a considerable drawback as you can get some advantage on the battery usage.


  • An impressive specification which you might have noticed in this smartphone is its battery capacity. Most of the users complain about low battery backup issues in their smartphones. Luckily, the ‘one fusion’ has a potent 5000 mAh battery. This high-capacity battery can be very useful to provide you with enough power for multitasking and other substantial utility.
  • For a mid-range smartphone, the octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 710 is a capable processor. This processor was launched in 2018 but functions well for heavy gaming and multitasking applications. As a user, you won’t face a lot of lagging issues because of the presence of a 4 GB RAM coupled with a decent processor like the Snapdragon 710.
  • The screen size of ‘one fusion’ is large enough to make gaming and watching videos enjoyable on your device. So, if you want a smartphone with a good screen display and size, the ‘one fusion’ can be on your wish list soon.
  • The ‘one fusion’ runs on Android 10. Since it is one of the latest versions of Android, you will get the latest updates and more stability in terms of software. The Android 10 also has a dark theme which gives some users a much-wanted look to their device.
  • Even though the weight of Motorola smartphones is more as compared to their competitors, users have generally been satisfied with the overall build quality. You can expect a similar experience with the ‘one fusion’ smartphone too. The ‘one fusion plus’ has been termed as a smartphone with a good build quality by many users. Hence, you can expect complimentary feel from ‘one fusion’.


If you want to buy a mid-range smartphone with all-round capabilities, the Motorola one fusion can be a good option. The expected price of this smartphone is approximately ₹ 18000/-. You can apprehend the online price to vary in the price range of ₹ 16000- ₹ 20000.

I reckon that one of the best advantages which Motorola smartphones provide their users with is the stock android experience. So, keep an eye on the online platforms if possible in August 2020. You can possibly get a useful and budget-friendly smartphone in the market. Let us know your valuable opinion about the Motorola one fusion smartphone in the comment section below!

Top 5 Fashion Accessories for Women You Can Buy From Amazon

From fashion bags to sunglasses, face masks to trendy fashion jewellery, there is a wide variety of fashion accessories available for women. The online shopping platforms like Amazon have neatly segregated sections for the best search. But, many people do not have a dedicated time slot to read and compare the best accessories available. We want a simple, convenient list which explains the best products in no time. For all the women out there, this blog can serve as a useful guide in purchasing your next appropriate and fashionable product online. So, let us look at the best 5 fashion accessories for women available on Amazon at this time:


This ornament set is a special product for all jewellery lovers. It comes as a combination of 4 products which have generally garnered positive reviews from various users. First look of the product is stylish. You can get the feeling of wearing a traditional and sophisticated piece of jewellery. We all can agree that most of the times, simple design and construction of an object looks attractive and decent. Also, the affordable price range makes this product more cost-effective.

Fashion jewelry

Following are the key features of this beautiful jewellery combo:

  • The overall look is traditional and sleek.
  • The jewellery can be purchased as per your favourite and preferred shape. It comes in a set of 4 different shapes i.e. heart, round, square and star.
  • The combo includes- Pendant, Ear-ring set, ring and bracelet.
  • There are certain preventive measures suggested by the company in order to use the jewellery set more effectively.


The price of Zeneme American diamond traditional fashion jewellery combo set is MRP ₹ 2500/-. You can get it on Amazon for a whopping discount of around 80%. That makes the online price approximately ₹ 350/-. For a gold-plated best-selling fashion jewellery, any woman can find this product suitable for her next online purchase.


This product had to be present on our list. For any woman, proper management of her cash, credit cards or debit cards, IDs and lists is crucial. In fact, this is a vital requirement for any person. This zipper wallet looks very posh and can be compatible with any of your favourite dresses. The existence of multiple compartments enables the user to store various things together safely.


The key features of this product are:

  • It is made up of PU material i.e. artificial leather.
  • It is termed as durable for the price range by many users.
  • There are over 10 colour combinations available for purchase.
  • You can even fit a mobile phone inside the wallet.


The Amazon price of Elios women’s wallet is ₹ 590/-. You can try it out as the look is very posh. Many users have found it to be a durable wallet. It should be noted that the name mentioned on Amazon for this product is ‘Men and Women Designer Long Black or Brown Zipper Wallet’.


Probably, all women on earth prefer a beautiful handbag. But apart from being attractive, you naturally want it to be durable, sturdy and ergonomically spacious. Well, the Mammon handbag for women does not disappoint and is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. You might agree that perhaps, your search for an excellent handbag can finally end with this one.


The key points which should be taken into consideration with respect to this product are:

  • The material is artificial leather i.e. PU.
  • The product package contains different bags that can be used for different purposes.
  • You need to follow the care instructions mentioned for proper utility.
  • Some colour variation can be present.


The actual buying price will vary depending on the deals. But you can expect the product to cost around ₹ 650/- on Amazon. Overall, the Mammon handbags set can be one of the best fashion bags available online. You won’t get a lot of complicated design and clutter in these handbags.


Who doesn’t love a superb wristwatch? The era of smartphones have reduced our dependency on the traditional wristwatches. But, most of us always value the convenience and importance of a good old analogue wristwatch. Furthermore, watches have always been a vital fashion accessory for men and women alike.


The key features of this slim and beautiful watch are:

  • The dial colour is pink.
  • The strap is made up of stainless steel and has a metallic look.
  • Weight of the analogue wrist watch is around 200 grams.
  • There is a considerable warranty with the product.


The Swisstone women’s analogue watch will cost you around ₹ 400/- on Amazon. Amongst the different fashion accessories for women, a wristwatch is considered to be a defining part of one’s personality. This watch is sleek, less bulky and gives you the feeling of wearing a bracelet.


Closing our list of the top 5 fashion accessories for women is the fashionable footwear from BK dream. The unique selling proposition of this pair of sandals is that they can be used for any kind of occasions. Be it a birthday party, a ceremony or just a casual meet, you are mostly sure to look phenomenal in these sandals. 


The key features of BK dream women flat sandals are:

  • The buckle closure provides good fitment.
  • The sole material used is durable.
  • Many users have termed them to be comfortable.
  • The product is affordable.


For a competitive online price of approximately ₹ 300/-, the BK dream flat sandals for women can serve as a fantastic purchase for many users. The sandal looks decent and can be compatible with most of your outfits.


Different people have distinctive fashion tastes. Hopefully, the list has covered a variety of accessories for your overall look. You could preferably narrow down your focus on a limited number of products too. Eventually, it all comes down to making the best utilization of online shopping for our individual tastes, isn’t it? If you want, you can tell us your thoughts about the list in our comments section. Happy shopping!

Top 5 Fashion Accessories for Men You Can Buy From Amazon

In terms of fashion trends and styles amongst men, most of the accessories are always evergreen. Times change but some things remain the same. A nice belt or the perfect shoe always enhances the overall look of a person. This list is a useful compilation of some of the best fashion accessories for men which you can buy on the famous online shopping platform – Amazon. You might just get a good purchase which can be flaunted the next time you meet someone!


One of the best fashion accessories for men are wallets and belts. Be it storing cash or debit cards, useful notes or important IDs, a wallet serves as the best companion for a man. If you want a sturdy, attractive, posh and classy wallet, the mentioned combination is one of the best men’s fashion accessories online.

men's fashion accessories online

The key points to consider with regards to the Hornbull wallet are:

  • The cloth lining which is used to craft the wallet is pretty durable.
  • The leather quality has impressed many users.
  • The colour is highly compatible with most of the clothes and jackets.
  • There is a presence of two secret compartments to accommodate your important ID cards or private notes.

Apart from the wallet, you receive a leather belt too. There’s nothing much to be described about the importance of a fine-looking leather belt. Every man knows how vital a leather belt is on his waist.

The key points of Hornbull leather belt are:

  • Width of the belt is 35 mm.
  • The buckle is nicely adjusted in leather strap.
  • There is a company logo on the metallic strap.
  • Perfect item for gifting to a loved one.


The combo set has a MRP of approximately ₹ 3300/-. You can get it on Amazon under ₹ 1000/- in various deals. This is a good utility option which serves as a perfect gift item too!


Whether we like it or not, masks are the ‘new normal’ for everyone. The current pandemic crisis has made it mandatory for us to use face masks to minimize the risk of infection. But, don’t you feel it’s high time we all make it a regular accessory forever? The utility of masks certainly minimises the impact of pollution and other viral infections outside. So, masks with different designs and colours have become the new fashion statement for many men.

men's fashion accessories online

The key features of this item are:

  • It is made up of cotton.
  • Easy to wash
  • Made in India.
  • A pack contains 3 masks hence you always have a back-up when you put away one for daily washing.
  • The ear loops are elastic. Therefore, they can fit conveniently.


The price of this item is around ₹ 200/-. So, for a combination of safety and fashion, these masks can serve as one of the best fashion accessories for men. If we make it a habit to use such masks even after the end of current pandemic, it will certainly minimise the risk of viral infections for us.


Caps and hats have often been used as a direct fashion accessory by many men over the years. Apart from serving a useful item for UV protection, they portray your fashion inclination and overall personality.You can scroll through useful photos posted by various users to get a clearer idea of the cap. Having said that, just go through the following key points which can be useful for you to consider purchasing this accessory:

men's fashion accessories online

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated look and colour.
  • The hood is foldable.
  • Termed as a comfortable fit by most of the users.


The product price is under ₹ 500/-. It’s always good to have a reliable cap as one of the vital fashion accessories for men. You can be certain that apart from fashion and styling, it serves as a safety item too!


Socks are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Indeed, you don’t have much chance of flaunting them, but we all can agree that we do not use everything to flaunt. When we consider purchasing a pair of socks, the most important criteria is comfort and reliability.

men's fashion accessories online

The key points to consider in one of the best-selling fashion accessory for men are:

  • The material used is a combination of three different components. (Cotton, Polyester and Elastane).
  • The unique selling proposition of the item is its design.
  • They provide a good cushion support.
  • Washing requirement is fairly simple.


The MRP is around ₹ 500/- but you can get it on Amazon for approximately ₹ 280/-. You can certainly try them out and get a decent value for your expense.


If you want a single belt, the Eliz Luxe belt can be a good option for your next online purchase. This belt has been regarded as one of the best fitting ones by many users. Also, the synthetic leather material gives it a very sophisticated look.

men's fashion accessories online

Key features of this belt are:

  • 2 in 1 colour combination. You just have to reverse the buckle.
  • The size availability is impressive. It covers a wide range of waist sizes.
  • The buckle is made up of Zinc alloy. It is claimed to be ‘anti-rusty’.
  • The leather quality is impressive.


One of the most affordable fashion accessories for men, the Eliz Luxe belt can be purchased at a price of around ₹ 400/- on Amazon. You can certainly consider this fashion accessory as your next online purchase.


Fashion trends are dynamic. A year ago, nobody would have thought that face masks can be the next necessity and fashion accessory for everyone. Having said that, some items like belts, watches, wallets and caps are evergreen utilities for any man. Right now, you can try out the mentioned best-selling fashion accessories on Amazon. Furthermore, you can even tell us some of your favourite men’s fashion accessories online in the comments section below!   

iPhone SE 64GB vs. iPhone 11: Which one to buy?

There is always a strange dilemma when one has to make a choice between two short-listed potential smartphones to purchase. It becomes confusing at times and equally exciting. Which one should I buy? We get caught up in the technical specifications and often neglect our own true desire. This blog is for all the iOS lovers and people who want to purchase the latest iPhone. It might be your first apple smartphone or just your next one. You might be in a dire need of a change from the android platform. Or, you might just want an apple phone.Irrespective of the reasons, you still want to read an insightful iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 comparison. Also, you want to know which one is the best device for you.

This blog might make your thinking process more clear. So, without further delay, here is the iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 comparison:

iPhone SE 64GB vs. iPhone 11

Image source: Amazon


First and foremost, let’s take a look at head to head differentiation of the two Apple smartphones:

ParameteriPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
Screen size (Inches)4.76.1
Resolution (Pixels)750 x 1334828 x 1792
RAM (GB)34
Internal storage (GB)6464
Fingerprint scannerYESNO
3.5 mm headphone jackYESNO
Dual SIMNO (e-SIM support if required)YES
Weight (in grams)148194
Rear Camera (Megapixels)1212 + 12 (Dual)
Front Camera (Megapixels)712
Battery capacity (mAh)18213110
Price (Approx. ₹)42,500/-60,000/-

The parameters included in the table are the most considered factors by majority of users. The general users do not usually concern themselves with other in-depth technical aspects like the chip-set or clock speed of a processor. But, for the techno-savvy buyers, the following is a head-to-head comparison regarding crucial technical aspects of the iPhone SE (64 GB) 2020 variant and iPhone 11:

ParameteriPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
Operating systemiOS version 13iOS version 13
ChipsetA13 bionicA13 bionic
CPU speed (GHz)2.652.65
Aspect ratio16:919:9
IP ratingIP67IP68

As you can see, there is just a marginal difference in terms of software, CPU and processor specifications. Therefore, we can conclude that Apple has put more focus on external features and specifications particularly regarding camera and screen size amongst the two.


Now, let’s come to the overall aesthetics of the two devices. Looks of a car or a smartphone are very subjective and they differ from person to person. But, we can always agree on some points in terms of general opinion of a device. The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 variant have distinctive design differences. To make things simple for you, the design or looks differences in a glance are:

iPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
The screen display looks traditionalThe screen display is edge to edge
Single rear cameraDual rear cameras
Circular physical home button is presentThere is no such physical home button
Overall size is more compactSize is comparatively large
Limited colour options i.e. 3More colour options i.e. 6

One can clearly understand the differences visually. But, it is better to mention the points as a user changes his priorities from time to time. The bottom line in terms of aesthetics of the two smartphones is that the iPhone SE looks a typical and conventional Apple phone. On the contrary, the iPhone 11 is designed as a new-look modern device. Big screen size, elimination of a physical home button is something which was not associated with an Apple phone. But, due to more and more emphasis on in-built touch sensor and demand of a bigger screen, the iPhone 11 was designed the way it is.


This section points out the valid reasons to buy one device over the other. After the technical aspects and design differences, the user always wants to know what the major points to prefer a particular smartphone are. Well, let’s have a look:


  • It is more slender and sleek.
  • A dedicated fingerprint scanner is present.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack is available which is very convenient and compatible with majority of the headsets.
  • It is slightly less heavy. But note that the weight difference is negligible.
  • It gives you a more traditional Apple smartphone feel.
  • The price is comparatively less.


  • The battery capacity is more.
  • The RAM is higher than SE 2020.
  • The screen size is more which can be ergonomically fruitful to watch movies, videos, read documents and play games.
  • The dual camera setup allows you to experiment more with your smartphone photography.
  • The front camera has better resolution.
  • End to end screen display looks more modern and fashionable.


The most important part of any technical blog. What is the conclusion? Which one should you buy? The iPhone SE or the iPhone 11? It is a no-brainer that iPhone SE is less expensive than iPhone 11. So, if you have budget constraints, iPhone 11 naturally falls out of the race.

But, for users who do not have a budget constraint and can spend decent amount of money for their new smartphone, the iPhone 11 gives you a better camera and bigger screen advantage. The screen resolution also enhances your experience drastically. Having said that, the iPhone SE 2020 is a good performer and can fulfill your regular requirements. The software factor is not a huge differential when comparing the two smartphones. Hence, it’s all about your desire and preference in this particular case.

If you want a compact, more traditional Apple smartphone and are willing to compromise a bit on the camera criteria, go for the Apple SE 2020. If you want an Apple phone with a better and bigger screen, good camera and more battery life, go for iPhone 11. The choice is subjective and both the devices fulfill their respective roles. So, which one do you want to buy online? The iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone 11? Let us know in the comment section.

Top 5 Best Selling Basketball Shoes On Amazon

Shoes are an integral part of any sportsman’s life. Whether you are a professional sportsman or just play for fun, the right gear always provides the ultimate joy to play any game. This is the list of recent top-selling shoes on the prominent online shopping platform of Amazon. What’s more? You can rely on these shoes as per your requirement. Be it simply basketball or general sports, the comfort and quality is a crucial asset which simply impresses a user! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best selling basketball shoes on Amazon:


Nivia is a well-known Indian brand which specializes in making equipment and accessories for various sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, cricket and hockey. Apart from the handmade basketballs, Nivia manufactures shoes keeping into account the national and international tournaments.

Now, the Nivia basketball shoe range has garnered many positive reviews from users over the years. With an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars after many honest user opinions, these shoes can be an excellent purchase at an affordable price.

The key features of Nivia Heat basketball shoes which you should consider are:

  • PU and PVC synthetic leather is used for the outer material
  • The shoes are easy to maintain
  • The fitment is ergonomically good
  • The price is affordable

These top-selling shoes can be purchased at a very economical price range which lies between ₹ 1130 – ₹ 1600 currently. So, if you want to try them out, go ahead and you might just get a great bargain for your next basketball match!

Description: Nivia shoes

Price: ₹ 1,138 – ₹ 1,549


One of the best selling basketball shoes in the online market, the Adidas Men’s vs. Pace series has garnered many positive reviews. Apart from Adidas’ unique selling proposition of quality and endurance, this shoe is made up of synthetic material.

Let’s take a look at the features which can be useful to you while considering the purchase:

  • Compact design
  • Decent duration of warranty from the manufacturer
  • The closure type is lace-up which suits the requirements of many basketball players
  • There is the presence of good cushioning

So, if you want to use a branded product which comes from Adidas, you can try these top-selling shoes on Amazon. The price range varies between ₹ 3000 – ₹ 4000. An advantage of buying this shoe pair can be the high number of user reviews which gives you a more clear idea.

Description: Shoes

Price: ₹ 2,799 – ₹ 3,999


Nike has been a prominent footwear manufacturing multinational company since the 1970s. Most of the international athletes are sponsored by Nike and is a world-wide recognized brand. In terms of athletic footwear, Nike is valued by many users across the globe.

The Men’s Air Max Infuriate basketball shoes are decent shoes made with synthetic material. The sole has been a factor of consideration for making this footwear one of the best selling basketball shoes. It should be noted that Nike shoes are considered by some users as specially crafted gear for sports athletes. You can try them out and check whether the fact is really true.

Some key points of the Nike Men’s Air Max Infuriate basketball shoes to consider are:

  • Lace-up closure type construction
  • The toe style is round
  • The ankle grip support is impressive according to some users
  • The looks are pretty fascinating

You have to spend around ₹ 5500 and above to purchase the Nike Men’s Air Max Infuriate basketball shoes. If you are willing to try a widely used basketball shoe pair in this price range, this product can be your next potential buy online.


Price: ₹ 6,418 – ₹ 7,792


A tad less expensive than Air Max Infuriate, the shoes are one of the top-selling shoes on Amazon. Experts have lauded the excellence in the design of these shoes. The unique selling proposition of this design is that you can use it as casual wear on some occasions. Nike has provided the users with different colours in this shoe variant. This can be an attractive prospect for many people as more colours can provide you with the feeling of buying a unique product. You can choose your personal favourite look and get the advantage of using a premium sports shoe too.

The key points of Nike Men’s basketball shoes are as follows:

  • Attractive combination of colour variety
  • Lace-up closure type
  • Added advantage of manufacturer and seller warranty duration
  • High amount of comfort
  • The weight of the shoe pair is light which facilitates swift movements

With the original price tag of approximately ₹ 4500, the Nike Men’s can be purchased at an online discount. The different seasons and sales will often give the users more discount but generally, you can buy these shoes for ₹ 4000 online. Therefore, these basketball shoes can serve as a good alternative to the Nike Men’s Air Max Infuriate shoes for comparatively less expense.

Description: Shoes

Price: ₹ 3,915 – ₹ 4,327


The Spartan Power shoes are an affordable option amongst the top 5 listed basketball shoes. The inner material is soft and provides good comfort for an athlete. The colour options are limited, so you might have to settle with the default combination provided by the company. Besides the limited colour options, user reviews for this pair of shoes have mostly been on the positive side.

The key features of Spartan Men’s Power basketball shoes are:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to clean
  • Good inner material stability
  • Lace-up closure type

Falling in the price range of ₹ 1300- ₹ 1400, you can get an affordable basketball shoe from Spartan.

Description: Shoes

Price: ₹ 1,299 – ₹ 1,390


Buying a shoe is an equally time-consuming, subjective and personal venture. Hopefully, this blog can facilitate and narrow down your efforts for buying the perfect basketball shoes. The online prices can vary but you might find the ranges hovering around the ones mentioned in the blog. So, just ensure that the basketball shoe you choose fulfills all your requirements. Also, you can suggest few more top selling basketball shoes in the comment section below.

5 Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

Indians spent more than billions on Online purchases in 2019. Are you spending more than you should while shopping online? Don’t know? Just by following some saving tips, you can become a smart buyer. Unless you have no debt and you have a very balanced budget, we advise you to read these top 5 ways to save money while shopping online.

5 Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

·  Avoid shipping costs
For Rs 500 a year, the registration to Amazon Premium allows you to have all your purchases delivered for free. Also, if you group your purchases on other websites, you will be able to exceed the minimum amount to get free shipping. You can also do a quick search and find discount coupons to get free shipping. Also, many retailers now offer an option to pick up your order in-store.

·  Group shopping websites
Some sites offer great offers on both products and services. You can either buy the product directly from the website or print a coupon for a particular service, which will often offer you 50% off or more.

·  Use the best credit cards and find the best deals.
Some credit cards offer up to 5% off online purchases made during the last quarter of the year. Just look for the best deal. For example, you could make purchases for Rs 6000 and receive Rs 1000 discounts. There is nothing better than getting money by having to do a few simple steps – to make sure you have these cards.

·  Use promo codes
Websites like CouponDunia will allow you to obtain promo codes and other coupons. No need to register, search for the brand in question, copy the promo code, and enter it when you pay for your purchases.

·  Make sure your online payments are secure
There are many ways for cyber criminals to steal money from you. An indiscreet transfer could cost you all your savings of the year. That’s why

Overall, you can save lots of money by following the tips mentioned above. How can you save more money? Do you know other alternatives? Let us know in the comment section.

Why is Online Shopping a preferable option for men?

The most influential factor about shopping may it be of virtual terms or physical terms is gender. Men and women have different decision-making behavior. Both men and women have different motives, objectives, perspectives, rationales, and choices.

After a decade of scientific research, it is observed that not every man like shopping. As on the ratio count of women equally. No matter how much they like suiting up and looking dapper on an occasion. Or being mindful of their outfit on an average day. Buying clothes is hardly at the top of the list of activities. As the men just want to get to the destination (not the store but the final product). As quickly and quietly as possible –like navy seals on a midnight stealth mission. And what have the men do when it comes to shopping is following the hum and drums of what our mothers(most likely) have been telling us: go to the store, look what’s there and buy what looks good or is worth buying.

Why Online Shopping?

Therefore, online shopping comes as a boon for the men who hate spending hours together at stores and taking out their valuable time for shopping. So here are some reasons why online shopping is a preferable option for men:

Convenience – Online Shopping is the most convenient medium of hopping for men as it is a means of virtual terms. Also, it doesn’t require the need to roam around and select among the products at the display. It can also ease the effort of going out in traffic and then shop when all you have to do is a click away.

A wide range of products – There is a wide range of products with the most trending products and brands. There are even products that aren’t available in stores but you get them online.

The standard of living – The brand outlets aren’t in every city. It has risen the standard of living of many men out there living in the developing cities.Online shopping is the only medium through which they are updated to the fashion. Also can use those products by buying them online

Interest bound products- It is observed that most of the men have a keen interest in buying electronic gadgets. So it becomes easy for them to choose through such a wide range of products with the best-explained features and details.


Last but not the least comes,The ease- As everybody demands some ease in life. Online shopping gives that ease to the customer to sit back, relax and look for the most worthy deal to grab. It benchmarks a comfort and relaxation in which the mind tends to be less irritated and more vigilant about doing the current activities.

So all the men out there, Pour your hearts, choices and obviously pockets. Also get the most amazing deals on our website under the men’s category! Grab it!