5 Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

shopping online

Indians spent more than billions on Online purchases in 2019. Are you spending more than you should while shopping online? Don’t know? Just by following some saving tips, you can become a smart buyer. Unless you have no debt and you have a very balanced budget, we advise you to read these top 5 ways to save money while shopping online.

5 Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

·  Avoid shipping costs
For Rs 500 a year, the registration to Amazon Premium allows you to have all your purchases delivered for free. Also, if you group your purchases on other websites, you will be able to exceed the minimum amount to get free shipping. You can also do a quick search and find discount coupons to get free shipping. Also, many retailers now offer an option to pick up your order in-store.

·  Group shopping websites
Some sites offer great offers on both products and services. You can either buy the product directly from the website or print a coupon for a particular service, which will often offer you 50% off or more.

·  Use the best credit cards and find the best deals.
Some credit cards offer up to 5% off online purchases made during the last quarter of the year. Just look for the best deal. For example, you could make purchases for Rs 6000 and receive Rs 1000 discounts. There is nothing better than getting money by having to do a few simple steps – to make sure you have these cards.

·  Use promo codes
Websites like CouponDunia will allow you to obtain promo codes and other coupons. No need to register, search for the brand in question, copy the promo code, and enter it when you pay for your purchases.

·  Make sure your online payments are secure
There are many ways for cyber criminals to steal money from you. An indiscreet transfer could cost you all your savings of the year. That’s why

Overall, you can save lots of money by following the tips mentioned above. How can you save more money? Do you know other alternatives? Let us know in the comment section.