December 5, 2022

10 Things You Must Buy in New York

shopping in nee york

One may assume, going with the famous saying, that if you succeed in New York City, you can succeed anywhere. We partially agree with this. At least when it comes to shopping in New York. You’ll want to try or at least take home some of the items created in New York City because some of them are unique and will create a lifetime memory for you. Here you’ll find something on this list that appeals to you and make you fall in love with the city itself.

There are many tourist souvenir shops throughout the city, but if you’re seeking something new, this article will list the top 10 things you can buy in New York City that are special and original. They’ll win you over!



There’s a solid reason why so many people identify with holiday memories. Traveling through the expansive metropolis during the cold months of the year gives you that particular Christmas sense. Home decorations make wonderful keepsakes from NYC because they serve as constant reminders of your vacation, making shopping in New York a mandate.

Where to go?Christmas Tree Shops

What is the Specialty? – Discount home-goods chain offering seasonal decor year-round, furniture, kitchen items & Christmas gifts.


New York is the place to be if Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot excite your wine-tasting senses. Long Island, which is the third-largest grape-growing region in America, is situated 75 miles to the east of Manhattan. This area benefits from rich soils and a breeze that is ideal for producing grapes along the seaside. The wines here make it on our top list when it comes to shopping in New York.

Where to go?Astor Wine & Spirits

What is the Specialty? – Red and Sparling Wine


Searching for a unique design? Artists & Fleas makes it to our list of best buys in New York. With the establishment of SoHo and Chelsea Market, this multi-merchant New York marketplace has expanded to three locations from its original launch in Williamsburg.

The incredible variety of crafts that are offered here offers wonderful mementos of New York. It includes everything from handmade clocks made from used hardcover books to clutches with amusing printed slogans. The wonderful thing is that local designers and artisans made each of these items, which makes shopping in New York a must.

Where to go?Soho and Chelsea market

What is the Specialty? – Varied crafts and comprehensive food hall.


Great shops that specialize in jewellery and accessories can be found here. While you are shopping in New York, check out the Mac Cosmetics shop on Broadway Avenue in particular.

While you are shopping around, you may visit one of the many jewellery stores in Williamsburg to enjoy the “Made in Brooklyn” vibe. At Catbird, we discovered excellent necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and thin stackable rings. These goods are made with opals, diamonds, and other gems that were ethically sourced if that is something that concerns you.

Where to go?MAC Cosmetics

What is the Specialty? – Jewellery and Accessories


Getting crockery at Fishs Eddy on Broadway is still a must if you are shopping in New York; it’s more of a classic now. Well, you won’t find any of those mass-produced I love New York mugs at Fishs Eddy, but you can expect to find unique and practical home goods at reasonable pricing. Everything you require for your table is what we’re discussing!

Where to go? –  Fishs Eddy

What is the Specialty? – Dinnerware, flatware, and glassware


This upscale Fifth Avenue department store is the go-to location for high-end shopping and global luxury goods because it is close to Rockefeller Center. Peruse the store’s renowned shoe department, the cosmetics counter, and brand boutiques like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, in addition to looking through the home goods, apparel, and accessories sections. Saks Fifth Avenue definitely makes our cut to the list of best buys in New York.

Where to go?Saks Fifth Avenue

What is the Specialty? – Designer apparel, shoes & accessories, plus home goods & more.


Jewels may dazzle, but chocolate is literally always there for you, body and soul. You may find handmade chocolate delicacies in the Big Apple. You won’t want to leave Brooklyn until you’ve had Nunu Chocolates which is one of the unique things to buy in New York. Single-origin cocoa beans are painstakingly made into caramels, truffles, and ganaches here.

The Mariebelle is one establishment that has won awards. The thick, rich mugs of hot chocolate are the liquid equivalent of pure dark chocolate bars. So the next time you are shopping in New York, and you are not here, you might miss out on something big.

Where to go?Mariebelle

What is the Specialty? – Rich hot chocolate & specialty baked goods like pretzel croissants top off a full lunch menu.


Are you a reading buff? Well, then, this place is for you. You’ll spend plenty of time at the Strand Bookstore because there is plenty to do and discover there. It is conveniently located near Union Square on Broadway and 12th Street. It’s simple to select the ideal gift for you because there are numerous options available to suit all tastes. While the vast collection of classic and modern books makes it easy to pick the ideal present for a reader, the New York Public Library shop also has some incredible products making it one of the best buys in New York.

Where to go?Strand Book Store

What is the Specialty? – Specializing in new, used & rare books from philosophy to finance, plus bookish gifts.


You might not want to bring back memories of the Big Apple’s odors when you arrive home. But instead of doing that, why not be motivated by shopping in New York for something memorable? Grab a bottle of Bond No. 9 from the neighborhood. Each bottle is specially created to honor a distinct New York neighborhood.

These fashionable mementos are worthwhile to carry home since they capture the spirit of the Big Apple with their diverse aromas, which span from Wall Street and Madison Square Park to the Hamptons and Hudson Yards.

Where to go?Bond No. 9 shop

What is the Specialty? – Perfumed and Scents


We think everyone will concur that a trip shopping in New York isn’t complete without taking in a Broadway musical. Why not even two or more shows? Consider bringing home the Playbill as the ideal keepsake from New York after the performance. Try getting a cast member to sign it for you, and you’ll be a winner!

Broadway also sells various merchandise like original cast albums, stuffed animals, mugs, posters, clothes, and more. Want to watch your favorite Broadway production again? Get the DVD of the show! You can also watch the show with a friend who couldn’t go to New York with you.

Where to go?Phantom of Broadway

What is the Specialty? – Assorted souvenirs and merchandise

Well, there is not much you need to ponder about the next time you visit and shop in New York City because we have made it easier for you. You now know what needs to be taken home.