November 28, 2023

Best Selling Xbox One Games Available on Amazon


Over the years, video games have entertained many people around the globe. At this time, the demand for high-quality games has increased. Due to the Coronavirus impact, many people are staying at home. Hence, the audience for such fascinating video games has increased. Xbox One games are in high demand due to the recent surge in the number of gamers. So, if you want to indulge in some serious gaming, there are great best selling Xbox one games to play:


Before moving on to some cool best selling Xbox one games, a regular gamer needs to understand the concept of Xbox One. First and foremost, most of you will be familiar with Microsoft. It is a global company which makes the famous windows operating software and various tech tools. Xbox is a gaming console developed by Microsoft.

You can connect this console to any display such as television. On the other hand, you should have some information about the compatibility of the TV. In this case, a TV with an HDMI port is sufficient to support the Xbox console. In addition to the port, you should check the graphic support of a TV too.


The Xbox One is an 8th generation console by Microsoft. It consists of a controller, sensor and Kinect camera. Subsequently, it falls under the category of gaming consoles like the Play station 4 and Nintendo switch.   


Now that you know the Xbox One in brief, let us take a look at some cool games which you can buy online:


If you are a fan of open-world survival games, this is your cup of tea. Basically, Red dead redemption is a game which takes you in the era of cowboys and outlaws. The graphics are phenomenal. In fact, Rockstar studios are famous for developing addictive games.  

The storyline of Red dead redemption 2 is intriguing. The game is set in a fictional western American region. The story follows adventurous exploits of the main character Arthur Morgan. Arthur is a part of the Van der Linde gang. You require a decent amount of time to progress in the interesting story. Notably, the feel of western America is impressive.

  • Genre: Action + Adventure
  • Game developer: Rockstar Studios
  • Game publisher: Rockstar Games

Unlike some action or arcade games, Red dead redemption 2 has some unique parameters. In this game, you have to complete missions and progress in the story. So, it is similar to games like Crysis or Ghost of Tsushima. Furthermore, the interactive world makes the game more appealing.

 Xbox One games

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2.  FIFA 18

There are several action games at this time. Despite this fact, many gamers enjoy playing sports games from time to time. Accordingly, FIFA 18 is an evergreen bestselling Xbox One game. The detailed design of stadiums and game environment is indeed marvellous.

As FIFA 18 is a pure sports game, there is a major inclusion of sports activities. In addition to the sports gameplay, there is a story mode to keep you entertained. You can see many famous sports personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Griezmann, James Harden, etc. in the game trailer. The journey mode is cool. If you have played any earlier versions of FIFA games, you will be familiar with the dynamics of the story mode.

  • Genre: Sports
  • Game developer: EA Vancouver, EA Romania
  • Game publisher: EA Sports

In addition to the exemplary graphics, you are gifted with new locations to play different matches. Overall, the career mode and journey mode are exciting game modes. Among all the Xbox One games, the FIFA series has maintained its popularity. Hence, football lovers will enjoy this game for sure!

 Xbox One games

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Watch dogs 2 is a positively reviewed game, especially by many users. Many top selling Xbox One games fall under the action or adventure category. Despite numerous games under the action category, each game has a unique storyline. Therefore, gamers get the best of open-world experience through such games.

Firstly, ‘Watch dogs 2’ is a third-person perspective game. You have to complete different missions. The main character of this game is a hacker named Marcus Holloway. There are various elements like the stealth mode, different weaponry and gadgets which are pretty useful. Secondly, the game is a skilful battle between hackers and the well-equipped surveillance system. It is better to experience the gameplay and storyline due to a strong emphasis on content. The developers have covered many important aspects and technicalities. In addition to the impressive graphics, the soundtrack is another exciting USP of this game.

  • Genre: Action + Adventure
  • Game developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Game publisher: Ubisoft

This game is available on all the 3 prominent platforms like the PS4, Windows and Xbox. So, you can certainly get the best out of ‘Watch dogs 2’. Another key point of ‘Watch dogs 2’ is the multiplayer mode.

 Xbox One games

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This particular game falls yet again in the action or adventure genre. Users who want to buy this game should possess particularly good gaming skills. The game is set in Japan and will provide you with an addictive Japanese fight experience.

The story follows exploits of ‘wolf’, an orphan trained by an expert Shinobi. In short, Wolf sets out to avenge a Samurai clan for personal reasons. I have kept the storyline short because there is a lot which a player can unveil after regular gameplay. Hence, the plot is very interesting to discover.

  • Genre: Action + Adventure
  • Game developer: FromSoftware
  • Game publisher: Activision

You get many feudal Japanese weapons and tools to utilize. The difficulty level makes it an even more interesting game to complete. So, brush up your gaming skills and proceed to complete your vengeance.

Best selling Xbox One games

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Closing the list of best selling Xbox One games is a sci-fi action game named ‘Control’. You will love playing this game especially if you liked the TV series ‘Fringe’ or ‘X-Files’.

In brief, Control is a third-person perspective game with many things to do. You get various abilities and powers after progressing in the game. The storyline is captivating. The graphics and pace of this game are superb. In other words, the game feels like some sort of a movie. In this movie, you are the lead character. The supernatural powers make the gameplay unique.

  • Genre: Third-person shooter + Adventure
  • Game developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Game publisher: 505 games

So, if you want to play a science and space thriller, Control is the right game to purchase.

Best selling Xbox One games

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Gaming consoles are loved by many hardcore gamers. They give you a unique kind of gaming experience differing from a conventional computer. The above games are definitely worth to explore. In case you have some better suggestions, feel free to utilize the comments section below. Happy gaming!