July 25, 2024

Bluehost Hosting: The Best Choice for Your Ecommerce Website


If you own an e-commerce website or want to commence a new one, a good online hosting platform is very essential. Now, what exactly is Bluehost? There are many Bluehost reviews that inform readers about the pros and cons of this advantageous web host. This blog is an attempt to simplify the important parameters related to Bluehost hosting. Firstly, you will get to know what exactly Bluehost is. Secondly, you will be well-equipped with the specific advantages and drawbacks of Bluehost. Last but not the least, key points like Bluehost pricing and Bluehost costing will serve as valuable data for your reference.


Bluehost is an online web-hosting company. The headquarters of this private service company is in the United States of America. Web-hosting companies are equipped with servers and essential software to present a particular website. In simple words, if you want to make your website, you need an established host. These hosts enable your audience to explore your website. Your website is managed and stored on dedicated servers. Naturally, the paid web hosts provide a user with numerous advantages over the free hosts.

If you want to initiate your own website or webpage, a professional hosting service can indeed be very utile. In addition to the physical presence of your business, you need an online existence to get a competitive edge in the market. A leading service provider like Bluehost can definitely cater to all your online requirements.

Services offered by Bluehost hosting platform: WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting.


Most of the users know about e-commerce. It simply means a place or a business in which one sells products. In simple words, e-commerce is an online store. As a customer, you just type the product which you want to buy and you get the best possible result within seconds. For new businesses, setting up an e-commerce website can serve two purposes: To sell their products/services; to interact and engage various potential customers.

A web host is absolutely essential to make an e-commerce website for your business. Before understanding the advantage given by Bluehost to e-commerce websites, let us take a look at the services provided by Bluehost.


Depending on your level and requirement of services, you can choose any one amongst the variety of hosting services provided by Bluehost.

  • Dedicated Hosting: As the name suggests, you get a whole separate server for your website. This implies you have a high level of control on various activities.
    • Pros of dedicated Bluehost hosting: Entire storage space belongs to you; high customization options.
    • Cons of dedicated hosting: Cost is high; requirement of technical skills.
  • Shared Hosting: There are numerous websites hosted on a single server. Unlike dedicated hosting, this option is simpler for beginners.
    • Pros of shared hosting: It is less expensive; you don’t need to be a technical expert.
    • Cons of shared hosting: Your website speed can be low as there are many clients hosted on a single server.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS means ‘virtual private server’. Unlike the dedicated hosting type, the VPS service includes utilizing technical assets like RAM for an enhanced service.
    • Pros of VPS hosting: The overall speed is high as dedicated resources are used for your website; there is no compromise on security.
    • Cons of VPS hosting: Some add-ons require extra bucks.
  • WordPress hosting: This service is dedicated to hosting your WordPress sites. WordPress has recommended Bluehost hosting as a vital hosting provider.
    • Pros of WordPress hosting: Impressive website speed; useful features; It has an SSL certificate.
    • Cons of WordPress hosting: Some users may find hosting limits and storage low for a free domain.   


Apart from the pros and cons of specific hosting services provided by Bluehost, it is essential to know the key points that favour a user to choose Bluehost.

  • Bluehost is a reputed web-hosting provider and is highly recommended by WordPress.
  • There are several add-ons that contribute to the desired performance of a website.
  • Furthermore, the paid plans are reasonable in terms of budget scrutiny.
  • In addition to the technical aspects, dedicated customer support is present.
  • SSL certificates are provided for e-commerce websites.


Let us take a look at the practical limitations of Bluehost services. Despite being a highly recommended service provider, there are certain points that you should consider before choosing Bluehost as your potential service provider.

  • Some users can find the renewal expenses on a higher side.
  • The basic plan has a low storage capacity.
  • Website migration is not free.
  • There are certain limitations on CPU usage as reviewed by some users.


It is absolutely important to summarize the current Bluehost costing plans for a general idea. Kindly note that the prices vary periodically, so certain variations can be present.

ServiceBluehost Pricing (Approximate range)
Shared hosting₹ 199 – ₹ 500/month
Dedicated hosting₹ 4860 – ₹ 6720/month
VPS hosting₹ 1160 – ₹ 1860/month

In terms of WordPress hosting, Bluehost has specific plans that differ from the standard services like dedicated hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. The price ranges and plans for WordPress hosting are:

Shared WordPress hosting planBluehost Pricing (Approximate range)
Basic₹ 199 – ₹ 500/month
Plus₹ 299 – ₹ 680/month
Choice Plus₹ 299 – ₹ 920/month

It is a cliché that you get more features for plans which have a high cost. It all comes down to what kind of service you desire for your e-commerce website.


  • Multiple plans to choose from depending on the number of products you want to display on your website.
  • Bluehost is WordPress compatible and recommended. This gives you high flexibility over the design of your website.
  • The WooCommerce application is dedicated for e-commerce activities.
  • There is good security for payment transactions.
Shared WooCommerce hosting planBluehost Pricing (Approximate range)
Starter₹ 459 – ₹ 860/month
Plus₹ 559 – ₹ 1100/month
Pro₹ 760 – ₹ 1950/month


Bluehost services are designed differently for different users. Bluehost reviews given by a majority of the users have been on the positive side. You might be a blogger, own a factory, or want to start your own e-commerce store. Irrespective of your reasons, Bluehost can provide you with the best solutions without a doubt. In terms of e-commerce websites, Bluehost is a good service provider. Just consider your personal requirements like storage capacity, pricing and other technical points before selecting the best plan.