December 5, 2022

MacOS Vs Windows: The Clash of OS

MacOS vs Windows

Operating systems are, indeed, interesting. They provide different experiences in the same machine. Actually, user satisfaction has a lot to do with operating systems. You might be a regular Windows user or Mac user. Irrespective of your preferences, it is absolutely amusing to know the other side of a story. This blog explains the key differences between MacOS and Windows. Accordingly, you can choose your next device wisely for a much-needed change.

Let us take a look at some technical aspects and key distinctions of the two operating systems: 

What is MacOS?

The macOS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. The well-known Mac computers contain a macOS by default. At this time, it ranks number 2 in terms of utility over the globe.

 MacOS Vs Windows

What is Windows OS?

Windows is the number 1 operating system in terms of active users. This operating system was developed by Microsoft. It is clearly one of the oldest OS known to the world.

 MacOS Vs Windows

MacOS VS Windows

Despite the difference between numbers of active users, both OS have their pros and cons. Furthermore, there are some interface designs which attract specific customers. Before comparing some OS features, let us understand the pros and cons of both the systems at a glance:


Simple interface.Mac devices are expensive.
Attractive default applications.Not much popular in India.
Good amalgamation between Apple devices.Fewer programmes and software compared to Windows.
Ease of operation.Limited hardware options.


Familiar to many users.Recent versions come with bloatware.
Good software support.Stability issues for the latest versions. (Subjective)
More number of games are compatible.Prone to many viruses and malware.
More help material is available.High resources are required.

Key Difference Between MacOS And Windows


  • MacOS: Due to fewer users than Windows, this operating system has low chances of cyber attacks. After all, cyber criminals target users who operate the most utilized OS. Furthermore, Apple has a reputation of providing the best security support to its users.
  • Windows OS: As the number of users using Windows is comparatively high, this OS is prone to hacking. Despite this reason, well-built Antivirus programmes are capable of protecting the system. Hence, users should definitely invest in a legal and paid Antivirus suite.
  • THE CRUX: No operating system is immune to cyber attacks. Windows has many dedicated Antivirus programmes. The macOS is more secure than Windows. Subsequently, it is a fine line which differentiates the two in this aspect.


  • MacOS: The overall look of the interface is simple, incomplex and has fewer features. The screen edges are soft. Furthermore, the animations do not change drastically. You can select applications from a dedicated drawer.
  • Windows OS: The interface is familiar to many users. Alternatively, the UI has more features but a regular macOS user can find it complex. The apps or programmes open from the start menu. Furthermore, the taskbar in Windows stores vital information.
  • THE CRUX: The user interface is a subjective opinion. Some users can find macOS UI better than Windows UI and vice versa. Even so, the UI of macOS is elegant and simple.


  • MacOS: The integration of macOS with Apple Smartphone i.e. iPhone is, indeed, marvelous. The OS links all the areas of iOS smoothly. Hence, people who like to integrate their Smartphone to laptop can find macOS convenient.
  • Windows OS: A dedicated universal software support for Smartphone integration is absent in this OS. You can connect your Android Smartphone as a removable drive in Windows. Hence, although being compatible with any android device, Windows OS does not treat a Smartphone differently. It’s just like connecting a pen drive.
  • THE CRUX: If you buy electronic devices of the same manufacturer, Apple provides good compatibility. Windows OS isn’t naturally compatible with Android OS. Hence, there are certain tasks which macOS performs better in this parameter.


  • MacOS: The default apps in macOS include photos, Safari browser, Siri, FaceTime, iTunes and an office suite. The apps have different designs. Users can download the basic Apple office apps for free.
  • Windows OS: The default apps in Windows OS are photos, Edge browser, Cortana, Skype, music player and an office suite. These programmes perform similar functions as their counterparts. Users have to pay for a dedicated Microsoft office suite in most cases.
  • THE CRUX: As both OS are developed by different companies, they will certainly have different default apps. Windows OS does not provide a free office suite for their users. But, recently, Microsoft provides pre-installed office suite for Windows 10 users.


  • MacOS: Apple is well-known for providing a high level of privacy to its users. Similarly, the macOS has fewer chances of data leaks. You can enable various features in this OS to enhance your privacy. This is one of the key differences between macOS and Windows.
  • Windows OS: At this time, Windows have increased privacy functions. Alternatively, the OS is built to keep you connected online. You can use Cortana; connect to cloud and Skype easily. So, one has to ensure a strong privacy software to safeguard from data thefts.
  • THE CRUX: There is no clear winner amongst the two. The repetitive factor in MacOS VS Windows is the number of users. At this time, since Windows has more users, it is more likely to face malware attacks.

MacOS Vs Windows: Pricing

One of the key differences between Mac OS and Windows is the cost. Technically, since MacOS comes with Mac computers, it is more expensive. In fact, the Apple devices are more expensive than Windows compatible laptops. On the other hand, Windows 10 has a separate license cost. Furthermore, in most cases, you have to pay for a genuine copy of Microsoft office.

MacOS Vs Windows: The Conclusion

Different operating systems have exclusive interfaces. At this time, Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu are the leading operating systems in the world. If you are a tech enthusiast, try using different operating systems. Accordingly, you can judge which OS is well-suited for you. In terms of the MACOS VS WINDOWS comparison, all comes down to your personal preferences.

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