Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2021

upcoming smartphones

Just when we feel saturation in the smartphone market, companies intrigue with innovative options. A couple of years ago, many tech enthusiasts were curious about the next step in smartphone technology.

So, this curiosity was answered with the notch display. Furthermore, foldable upcoming smartphones came into existence. Then, it was the turn of a gigantic battery capacity handset. The list of such innovations can go on and on. Hence, one can always expect something new from smartphone makers.

In the same way, the year 2021 will witness the launch of newer smartphone technologies. So, some upcoming smartphones will be highly anticipated than the regular ones. Importantly, if you want to buy a new smartphone next year, certain handsets are worth considering.

So, all you need to do is scroll down and note these upcoming smartphones next year:


The Pixel series has been a delight for many tech lovers. Generally, Pixel smartphones provide the best-quality camera sensors. Similarly, this upcoming smartphone from Google can grab the attention of smartphone photographers.

The Pixel 5 will be equipped with a Snapdragon processor, dual camera setup and smart AI for post-image processing. All in all, this smartphone, running on the latest stock android is sure to be a delight for many smartphone enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, as per multiple sources, this smartphone might be unavailable in the Indian market. So, if you are an Indian customer, an overseas import is the most prominent option to buy this model.


In addition to the latest flagship devices, Samsung can launch new ‘S’ series smartphones next year. The main attraction of this device is the punch-hole display, unique design and rear camera setup.

Also, this upcoming smartphone from the South Korean tech giant might boast a 4300 mAh battery. Furthermore, it is expected to incorporate an in-display fingerprint sensor, a 120Hz refresh rate and latest Android 11.

If you are interested in this smartphone, expect the price to lay over the ₹ 50,000/- mark (Note that this price is just an assumption. So, wait for the official announcement for actual price. We will update the price details accordingly). Still, it will be interesting to see whether Samsung uses a Snapdragon chipset or Exynos chipset for the Indian market.

3. NOKIA 9.3

At this time, many Nokia fans are waiting for the perfect device from the reputed smartphone brand. Previously, Nokia did manage to interest people due to their Android One policy. However, expectations are always high amongst smartphone lovers.

Thus, next year can witness a breakthrough in the smartphone market for Nokia. The Nokia 9.3 will be a flagship device running on stock Android.

The prominent features of this smartphone will be a Snapdragon processor, exciting rear camera setup, enhanced display and good battery capacity. Still, it will be interesting to see its performance and customer reviews. Yet, Nokia 9.3 can grab headlines next year.


Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, this foldable smartphone from Xiaomi will be less costly (as per sources). Hence, the actual launch price of this foldable smartphone will be a topic of discussion next year.

Apart from the price anticipation, the unique selling proposition of this model will, indeed, be its foldable display. So, other specifications will generally be similar to flagship phones. By all means, it will be engaging to examine the affordability and reach of foldable smartphones in the forthcoming years.


This upcoming smartphone from Motorola will be more affordable unlike other devices in this list so far. You can expect the price of this 5G smartphone to be around the ₹ 30,000/- mark (Note that this price is just an assumption. So, wait for the official announcement for actual price. We will update the price details accordingly).

The highlight of this smartphone will be the dual punch-hole display design. In addition to the fresh design, other useful features like stock Android, good battery capacity, high screen refresh rate, etc. will surely entice many customers.

Hence, it will be a matter of curiosity whether the Moto G 5G Plus captures a decent amount of mid-range smartphone market.


Asus smartphones provide good value-for-money. Previously, the ZenFone Max, Max Pro M1, Max Pro M2, ZenFone 6Z was well-known for their quality. Now, Indian smartphone market can witness the launch of a new ZenFone series.

At this time, there is no official word about the launch of ZenFone 7 series outside Taiwan. However, Indian customers can expect the launch of ZenFone 7 at year-end or mostly next year.

The prime attraction of this series will be the rotating camera setup. Also, the expected price of around ₹ 55K (Note that this price is just an assumption. So, wait for the official announcement for actual price. We will update the price details accordingly) will ensure its extensive customer reach. So, if you want an Aluminum body smartphone with a good processor, the ZenFone 7 is worth your attention.


If you have comparatively low budget but desire a 5G smartphone, 2021 is your year. Realme will launch the X7 and X7 Pro smartphones for Indian customers next year. It is rumoured to run on a MediaTek processor.

However, apart from being a 5G compatible smartphone, the most captivating attribute of this smartphone is affordability. The rumoured price of Realme X7 5G is speculated to be under ₹ 20,000/- (Note that this price is just an assumption. So, wait for the official announcement for actual price. We will update the price details accordingly). So, it will be no surprise if Realme X7 captures the budget-friendly smartphone market in India.


With the success of OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8, all of us can expect another such series next year. The OnePlus 9 smartphone series will certainly be a highlight next year.

The new addition to this series can be enhanced rear camera sensors, high-end processor chipset and bigger battery capacity. So, it will be a series to look out in 2021.


Apart from the Pixel 5, Indian customers can keep high hopes on the launch of other upcoming smartphones in this list next year. All in all, these upcoming smartphones will have their unique pros.

Still, as a customer, you can expect better battery capacity, high-quality camera sensor, foldable display, better software stability and high screen refresh rates next year.

To sum up, the smartphone world will move a step ahead. It will be interesting to check how new features of these phones make life more exciting.