Samsung Announces New Entry-level Smartphones A12 & A20S


In the previous few years, Samsung has been aggressive in terms of smartphone launches. Importantly, the South Korean giant is regaining the worldwide market at a steady pace. Modern Samsung smartphones attract customers from different budget pockets.

By all means, the ‘M’ series Samsung smartphones was major news in the Indian market. Equally interesting series was the ‘A’ series. You might quickly recall the Galaxy A10, A20, A51 and A71. In addition to these famous smartphones, Samsung has announced new ‘A’ series phones.

The A12 and A02s are the new Galaxy smartphones which can attract specific customers. Let us take a look at Samsung’s new offerings.


First and foremost, it is evident that the A12 will be launched in the year 2021. However, Indian customers might have to wait for some time.

The South Korean giant, at this time, announced the launch of these smartphones for the European market.


The following highlights are predominant in the Samsung Galaxy A12 information:

  • The Galaxy A12 will boast a 6.5 inches display. Therefore, playing games, watching videos and reading text will certainly be a convenient venture.
  • Apart from the excellent display quality, a 5000 mAh battery is on the cards.
  • Basically, latest Samsung smartphones in India run on the Exynos processor. While it is true that many tech enthusiasts prefer a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Samsung’s Exynos garners respectable benchmark scores too.
  • However, for the A12, an Octa-core processor can be expected. Still, the chipset is an unknown parameter.
  • In terms of design, Samsung has opted for their famous dewdrop notch look. So, no punch-hole this time too!
  • Finally, a RAM-Internal storage combination of a conventional sense constitutes the main specs of the Samsung Galaxy A12.

All in all, this Samsung smartphone will cost approximately around:

Galaxy modelUSD ($)EU (€)

Hence, if the A12 receives good response in January 2021, Samsung could decide to launch it in India too. However, at this time, there is no absolute information regarding the arrival of Galaxy A12 in India.

Still, if one has to speculate, the approximate price conversion in the Indian rupee lies somewhere around ₹ 16000/- mark. Thus, it is interesting to see if the Galaxy A12 is a Europe-only exclusive smartphone.

However, if Samsung announces this smartphone for the Indian market, the processor chipset will be an intriguing factor to behold. Stay tuned to our blogs for updated information about the same.


The major attraction, as per sources, concerned with Galaxy A02s is the processor chipset. The Galaxy A02s will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 450. Still, some noteworthy points are:

  • The display size will be same as that of Galaxy A12. A 6.5 inches HD plus display will continue the march of Samsung in the dominance of attractive display phones.
  • Even the battery capacity is similar to the Samsung Galaxy A12. Importantly, the modern-day user prefers batteries over 4000 mAh. Hence, a 5000 mAh battery capacity is a welcome inclusion.
  • The Snapdragon 450 isn’t a high-end processor. Although, it can complement all the features for the starting price tag of € 150/-.
  • As per sources, the Samsung Galaxy A02s will be available from February 2021.

Notably, the A02s does not possess a fingerprint scanner. So, some customers might be disappointed. Also, the RAM capacity is 3 GB. Hence, it is certainly not meant for avid gamers.   

All in all, this Samsung smartphone will cost approximately around:

Galaxy modelUSD ($)EU (€)

For Indian readers, the price conversion at this time hovers around the ₹ 13000/- mark. Nevertheless, this statistic is just for a rough idea about the pricing. It does not hold true in terms of official announcements.


The A12 and A02s are analogous Galaxy smartphones. However, they have some notable differences.

ParameterSamsung Galaxy A12Samsung Galaxy A02s
Rear camera setupQuadTriple
RAM optionsMultipleSingle

Despite being economical smartphones, the overall look of both models is elegant. Hence, it will be interesting to see the interest of customers in these entry-level Samsung smartphones.


This is, indeed, the most exigent query. Also, it is the most logical too! At this time, the Galaxy A12 and A02s are announced solely for European customers. Still, they might follow launches in America and India later.

So, if this happens, (Samsung announces Galaxy A12 and A02s for India) should you be interested? To help you answer this question, the following points will prove conducive:


  • You are interested in Samsung’s reputation.
  • You have a mid-range budget.
  • You don’t bother with stock Android.
  • You want a smartphone with good battery capacity.
  • Display is your top priority.

Since hands-on reviews aren’t available at this time, it is better to refrain from commenting about performance and camera quality. However, the above factors are general points which stay the same. Nevertheless, it is advisable to buy new phones after reading several reviews on different websites.


It will be interesting to keep an eye on Samsung’s announcements for the Indian market. Furthermore, if A12 and A02s arrive in India, the pricing will be another curious criterion. The ‘A’ series Samsung smartphones garnered mostly positive reviews from customers.

Thus, Samsung decided to extend the series with two new launches next year. The inception of 2021 will witness many exciting launches for the tech world. Notably, it is imperative to observe the unique technologies coming next year. Surely, prominent smartphone brands will have to offer something new to their customers.

Till then, stay tuned to our blogs. We will update all the information regarding this topic. Also, you will get updated with new product launches. It is the right time to plan your potential purchase next year. Who knows, you might get your ideal smartphone in the year 2021!