June 18, 2024

Top 10 Emerging Technologies To Look Out For in the Next Decade


Technological advancement is a necessary step in the enhancement of our lives. A recent proof of the impact of modern technologies in our lives is the Coronavirus vaccine. Due to efficient tools, scientists, doctors and researchers around the globe have been in the forefront of developing a vaccine.

The real-life performance of these vaccines is still unexplored. Yet, there is no doubt about the excellent pace of research. And how did we achieve such an overwhelming rate? The answer is technological advancement.

So, it is no doubt that upcoming technologies can minimize similar efforts. Be it the discovery of a vaccine, efficient solutions to climate change; better tools for agriculture, technology can pave the way. Hence, it is always beneficial to keep an eye on what’s happening in this domain.

Accordingly, this blog contains the recent and upcoming technologies. So, scroll down and notice what areas can become more adept further:


If you are aware of basic chemistry knowledge, this upcoming technology can blow your mind.

Basically, this technology uses solar energy. Firstly, if successful on a large scale, this technology can reduce the burden on conventional energy sources. Secondly, it has the potential to make the best use of carbon dioxide.

The crux of this technology is to convert carbon dioxide into useful chemicals. This is done by the virtue of sunlight.

2. 5G.

At this time, many people are anticipating revolutionary networking technology. The 5G network is the next step in this domain. On the whole, this technology can not only improve internet speed but also ease power utilization.


So far, researchers have been successful in creating augmented environment. Also, the inception of VR headsets has given a glimpse of the potential of VR technology. Hence, it will be fascinating to witness further developments in this technology.

Generally, the whole idea of AR and VR is to simulate a virtual environment around us. The user can experience the simulation by wearing AR glasses and VR headsets. Still, research is being conducted to make this technology more user-friendly.


The environmental and civil engineering industry can witness a phenomenal change in the next decade. The basic aim of this upcoming technology is to reduce carbon emissions. Eventually, this can minimize global warming.

Altogether, this method includes changing the process of concrete production. The carbon dioxide emissions are minimized up to a particular extent.


As the name suggests, this technological advancement is related predominantly to the medical field. Moreover, these needles are as fine as the diameter of our hair. These needles can help patients for performing blood tests, even on their own.

These needles can minimize the pain during injection. So, this is a huge step for the betterment of human health. Thus, it is imperative to keep an eye on any advancement in this upcoming technology.


Surely, people in the engineering field are aware of IoT. IoT stands for Internet of things. Importantly, it deals with real-life activities.

The general idea of ‘Internet of things’ is a smooth connection of several smart devices through the internet. For example, one can control a machine remotely. This is often carried out with the help of internet connectivity. At this time, many industries use this technology.

However, the next decade might witness civilians using IoT for performing efficient tasks. All in all, the internet servers, cloud platforms can find a way beyond laptops and smartphones.


Right now, almost everyone is familiar with Alexa, Siri and Google assistant. These virtual assistants control many tasks at home. Due to their extensive utility, researchers developed smart devices.

At this time, smart devices like vacuum cleaners, lights, speakers, etc. exist in the market. However, due to tremendous potential, this technology has many exciting prospects. It is, indeed, thought-provoking to witness how smart modern devices can become.

Maybe, one can even afford a full smart home in the future. Just command the virtual assistant to close a window or open a door. Thus, smart devices have many possibilities. This makes them one of the best upcoming technologies to watch out for.


Agriculture enthusiasts can profit from modern farming technologies. The concept of vertical farming is self-explanatory. Along with saving space, vertical farming can optimize plant growth too.

At this time, examples of vertical farming in India are limited. However, due to increasing research in this field, the next decade can witness this revolution.

Vertical farming has some challenges at the moment. For instance, controlled environments without the need of sunlight are a point of debate. Furthermore, the cost of vertical farming is expensive than the conventional type.

Despite these challenges, vertical farming can solve many problems. More research of this concept and technology can interest certain population.


I know what you’re thinking – This technology sounds a bit scary. In reality, this might be one of the best emerging ones till date.

Basically, artificial brain implies a replica of the human brain. This replica can help doctors, neuroscientists to find possible cures for brain-related diseases. This technology can portray the activities of human brain suffering from a neurological disorder.   

Accordingly, it may facilitate the development of a possible cure and treatment. Nevertheless, this is an upcoming technology which is under development.


Finally, holography concludes our list of top 10 emerging technologies. Hologram is an object recorded in real-world with the help of interference of light. In other words, it is the projection of any object which we can see in front of our eyes.

The resultant output is a stationary or moving object which we cannot touch. Still, we can definitely see it. This technology can be useful in the ad field, AR domain, and marketing, simulation activities.


The world becomes more complex, yet interesting ahead. So, be sure to stay tuned to your knowledge sources and keep an eye on these technologies. You might even use them soon!