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Top 5 Highest Selling Product On Amazon During COVID-19 Crisis

Ever since the World Health Organization declared the COVID crisis, people have been searching for various health equipment’s online as well as offline. There is a sudden spike of sale on some products which were never included in the list of best selling products on Amazon. It is a true fact that unlike Japanese people who have a culture of wearing face masks even before the COVID-19 pandemic; other countries did not emphasize the utility of face masks earlier. Differing from our daily habits, face masks and many such products have indeed become the top-selling products on Amazon. Let us take a look at the best selling product categories on Amazon during the COVID-19 crisis:


It is an interesting yet logical thing to interpret human spending. Many nations including India had to impose an unwanted lockdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Indeed, time will tell the success of these lockdowns. But, most of the people faced uncertainty over many factors. Therefore, as observed on the online platforms, Groceries and household items are clearly the best selling products on Amazon.

It is a cliché that food is obviously the basic desideratum for any individual. Hence, high emphasis is given by consumers on vital products like oil and flour. At this time, some brands of oil have even fetched a whopping climb in sales of approximately 500% compared with the selling data in the pre-COVID era. Therefore, we can definitely conclude that the basic requirements of humans are always sustainable.



There has been a noticeable increment in appliance sales as the top-selling products on Amazon. With ‘work from home’ becoming the new necessary trend around the globe, people are investing their finances in quality gadgets and appliances. Furthermore, the electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets provide a much-needed recreation to people who are stuck at home.

Unlike the pre-COVID times when most of us used to postpone the thought of purchasing a new gadget, people are spending impressively on comparatively expensive gadgets. The possible reason for this expenditure besides recreation is the thought of future investment for work.

As the conditions outside have become risky for casual commute, more people are trying to find an alternative work option at home. Therefore, the requirement of a decently built gadget or appliance is essential. Along with smartphones and laptops, Television sets have been amongst the top-selling products on Amazon too.



The COVID-19 pandemic has put direct assiduity of everyone towards fitness and healthy habits. Therefore, it is no surprise that health products are amongst the best selling products on Amazon at this time. As mentioned earlier, most of the nations did not have the face mask culture before COVID crisis. Nowadays, face masks have become the number one priority for everyone.

In addition to face masks, health gadgets like oximeters, portable steamers and sanitizer spray machines have been purchased by many people online. Furthermore, sanitizers and hand-wash are sold on a massive scale these days. It is a good thing to see that people are spending some portion of their money on health and personal hygiene products. Subsequently, these habits can prove very beneficial for a safe life ahead.



Believe it or not, indoor games are amongst the top 5 best selling products on Amazon. The current times are indeed challenging for everyone. Along with adults, children have to spend the maximum amount of time indoors. For any kid, growing up is filled with exciting activities like hiking, playing outdoor games with friends, camping and hanging out with buddies. Unfortunately, the COVID crisis has put an unwanted break on cardinal activities of children and teenagers. Therefore, to keep them entertained and psychologically active, parents are buying toys and games to keep the household spirits intact.

Indoor games like carom, board games, cards and toys are the top-selling products on Amazon in the toys category. Besides toys, watercolours and drawing accessories are interesting products to keep your children indulge in art. These activities not only keep your child entertained but also provide a necessary relief from the negativity in the world. So, it makes absolute sense in purchasing such products if you don’t have any financial troubles.

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As many people are spending their time pursuing personal hobbies, there has been a rise in sales of gardening tools. Perhaps the COVID crisis brought most of us a bit more close to nature. The overall hectic routine has been put on a hold. Therefore, most of us can have more time for ourselves. Some people are utilizing this undesirable period for constructive activities which are related to gardening and agriculture.

Some of the top selling products on Amazon in this category are the toolsets, organic manure and various soils for plants. It is a proven fact that gardening lifts your mood. Time away from the hustle and bustle of the city can prove to be a blessing in disguise for most of us. Many people have clearly observed this fact and are purchasing gardening and agro-based equipments. So, when are you going to give it a try?

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The COVID-19 crisis has changed our way of life. Masks are the new hot-sellers and automobile sales have taken a hit. Nobody would have predicted the change in consumer spending earlier. Besides this fact, some things are still the same. Groceries and electronic gadgets have always been steady in terms of sales. We can clearly witness that people have indeed restricted their spending on non-essential products.

Luxury items are no longer trending for the majority of the population. We all must keep an optimistic outlook about the Coronavirus crisis. These are challenging times indeed. Hence, as a consumer, it is always wise to spend money on key items during the COVID-19 crisis. One can always understand the utility of a product in the short term and near future. It is observed that most people are indeed buying products wisely.

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