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Online Shopping V/s Shopping Centers


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Online shopping is the activity of buying goods over the internet. Online shopping enables a person to choose and select things and then buy them so over the internet that comes to your doorstep because nobody is unaware about the term shopping centers as they are the places where we buy the goods directly and get it home. People have an option of either purchasing the goods from the shopping centers or getting them on a click of a button from the various online shopping websites.

There is a never-ending debate on the two topics as they’re far more discussed and the hot topic of the current trends as to what is better: Online shopping or Shopping centers. To make it simpler further, let us assume that you want to buy a refrigerator for your home and let’s consider the various aspects that come into consideration.

Online Shopping V/s Shopping Centers

  • Price:

The most important aspect that we consider before buying anything is the price of the product and that’s what marketing and sales have taught us that the most influential aspect of a product is its price.

Online: Generally, online seller’s features lower prices as they don’t have a staff of salespeople to pay, nor high electricity bills, and no rent. There are also some websites that have ‘percent off’ on certain deals like the gives you the best deals on the electronic gadgets. Even, there are options on some websites where you can avail discounts if you enter a code after meeting the least buy.

Shopping centers: As compared to the online sellers, the retail outlets are also slashing prices that are low and have some ‘in store’ discounts available for the customers as well as they also sell returned items at lower prices.

Advantage: Online Shopping

  • Buying options:

After the price of the product again comes an essential aspect and that is the different buying options that have been provided by both.

Online: You need to either have a credit card or a PayPal account as many websites accept payment in this form, you also need to have a financing account or checking account for the payment of the product. You can also use the option of cash on delivery i.e COD.

Shopping Centers: It is completely the customer’s choice and flexibility about what payment method is to be used. It is the easiest place to buy the product if you have money and the means to reach there and get the item home.

Advantage: Tie

  • Product Availability and Selection:

When a customer wishes to buy something they have a list of requirements and they seek the best product according to their needs and then select the product.

Online: You get a tremendous variety of products online with the best features making them customer friendly and versatile in their own way. Every make and model is at your fingertips but the only drawback is that you can’t test the product beforehand but can see the product details, reviews, and opinions that help a lot.

Shopping Centers: Minimum range of products and sometimes can also have availability issues. Depending upon the store size, selection may be limited but the availability can be certain.

Advantage: Online

  • Security:

It is the key essential aspect to the customer, it is human nature that when we spend for something we always seek for security and the long-term period of the product.

Online: While some people think that buying stuff online means your credit information is there for grabbing, that just isn’t true anymore. Many online retailers use a 128-bit encryption that is as secure as banking websites. There is a risk for sure but you can always check for opinions and their security license as, are the safest online sites with millions of trusted customers worldwide.

Shopping Centers: Whats written for online security is for the Retail security. But some level that are chances of identity theft.

Advantage: Tie

Where to buy-

Buy online if you are looking for the best possible deal, even with shipping charges and a bit of patience until it gets delivered, which give you less cost and more benefits for sure. While retail can’t compete across the board with prices, but if you feel the sense of security and feel the sense of community and meeting the salespeople gives you the security then buy at Shopping centers.

Because… Where to buy is as important as What to buy and How to buy !!



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