Flat 87% OFF on YouBella Jewellery Necklace Set with Earrings


  • Long Traditional Maharani Coin Jewellery Set
  • Traditional Necklace set with earrings
  • The product comes in Youbella branded packaging
  • Material : Gold plating



YouBella Jewellery Long Traditional Maharani Coin Necklace Set with Earrings(Gold Plated)

Jewellery sets have always been a prime attraction for many people across the globe.India was termed as ‘Golden bird’ due to the abundant availability of exquisite materials for making jewellery. Along with being a beautiful fashion accessory, jewellery sets can be a vital option for investment too. YouBella is an established jewellery platform which provides a variety of ornaments to their customers.This particular jewellery set is elegant and compatible with most of the outfits. The key features of YouBella jewellery set are:

  • Length of the necklace is long.
  • Packaging of the set is good.
  • Earrings are included in the jewellery set.
  • The overall set is gold plated.

This combination of necklace and earrings is undoubtedly one of the most trending set on online platforms. Besides the traditional look, you can get the feeling of wearing a fashionable jewellery product.You get 2 beautiful necklaces and 1 pair of earrings for an affordable price. This jewellery set can clearly be one of the best purchases online. On the other hand, you have to follow certain care instructions like:

  • Refrain from the use of strong reactive chemicals for cleaning purposes.
  • Avoid direct contact of perfume and scents. Also, they contain chemicals which react with the gold plating.
  • Preserve the jewellery set in the packaging box provided by the dealer.

So, most of the users can understand that these care instructions are very generic and applicable to almost all the jewellery products. There have been many positive reviews from several users. Most of the customers have lauded the competitive pricing for ‘YouBella long traditional Maharani Coin necklace set and earrings combo’. You can really benefit from the customer photos in the user review section. The images give you a great idea of the general look and dimensions of jewellery set on a person.



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