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Top 5 2018 E-Commerce Trends You Can’t Ignore

2018 E-Commerce Trends

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In 2018, global revenues generated by online commerce are expected to reach trillions. E-commerce is today a sales channel necessary for the success of retail businesses.

Here are Top 5 2018 E-Commerce Trend to remember.

1. Customer service tools are more and more numerous

One of the challenges of e-commerce is customer service, which is more difficult to achieve than in a store, with the disappearance of human contact and the response to questions in real time. Today, more and more software and services are available to maintain a positive customer service experience on the web, including through the emergence of artificial intelligence that allows online consumers to quickly find personalized answers to their questions.

2. Subscriptions for “health” products

Still, in online subscriptions, we also note in 2018 the emergence of “detox” and “well-being” products. Such as subscriptions for green tea and herbal teas, allowing a so-called slimming effect. Highly prized by the new generation, especially among young girls, these products are enjoying tremendous success, thanks to sharing on social media.

3. The flash sales sites are starting to stand out

Although they are not yet a major trend, the websites of lightning sales have grown strongly in recent years. Based on the possibility of having exclusive time-limited and personalized promotional offers on the web, these sites are becoming more and more popular with an audience with a smaller budget, but who want to buy products from brands to take advantage of significant discounts.

4. The increase in mobile sales

Website visits via mobile and tablet support are becoming more important. Although the desktop is still the most popular for buying, the growing share of mobile purchases encourages brands to adapt their site with a version called “responsive”, which adapts to all screens according to their sizes. It is now possible to buy many products in one click with his smartphone.

5. More and more educational content

Content is one of the essential elements of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. Inspirations and trends are often necessary to make the consumer awareness and help him to make his purchase decision. Thus, more and more online shopping sites offer, in addition to traditional product pages, many blog articles, interviews or reports on the latest trends, evaluation of new products or even lifestyle searched with the purchase.

As you can see, e-commerce is not about to stop there. The 2018 E-Commerce Trend are many and original, so it’s up to you to determine which ones will allow you to succeed in your industry and stand out!

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