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Top 5 Shoes You Must Have in Your Collection

Top 5 shoes

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The first thing being subconsciously noticed by any person in you is not the beautiful face but the shoes you are wear. Surprising? Yes! Nowadays shoes are not only a matter of need but also a apart of the personality which we carry.

The good news is, if you don’t want to buy too many new pairs of shoes. The important thing, especially with lighter shoes, is there careful maintenance.

Here are the Top 5 Shoes You Must Have in Your Collection:


Loafers are generally considered for their amazing traditional masculine style. Its are best if you are looking for some casual look. These are the shoes which you can wear at work without getting much formal look. The loafers are lace less shoes and it almost gives the feeling of wearing slippers. It rank at 1st on out top 5 shoes list.


Boat shoes are basically good summer wear. The boat shoe comes in large number of options of different colors so you get a good choice among which you can select one which suits your personality the most. People feel the boat shoes look and feel better by wearing it without socks.


There are three types of running shoes according to the running pattern of the person.
a. Road Running Shoes: Used for running in the hard surfaces and therefore these shoes are light and flexible. They are made of cushion for stabilizing foot on the hard surface.

b. Trail Running Shoes: the trail running shoes are used for off-road purposes like running on rocks or mud. This type of the shoes has an aggressive tread for good traction which helps in stability, support and good underfoot protection. So next time when you go for some hardcore running, don’t forget to wear these amazing pair of “Trail Running Shoes”

c. Cross-Training Shoes: Used for gym workouts or in some balanced activity as it has thick sole at its base.


Sneakers are designed for sports and for other warm up activities. But nowadays its used as everyday wear by the people.


Plimsolls is a great practical addition in your wardrobe. The plimsolls are so light weight that a person doesn’t even feel whether it’s worn or not.  Its best suited for people who are on holidays as it is easy to carry & does not take much of the space in your luggage.

So these were Top 5 Shoes You Must Have in Your Collection. SHOP WISE!!

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