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Trends in Online Shopping Behavior for 2020

2018 E-Commerce Trends

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Year after year, digital continues to evolve online shopping practices. Simpler, faster, more interactive, these new ways of buying are quickly adopted by Internet users. In this article, we offer a decoding of Trends in Online Shopping behavior for 2020 in order to understand what will be the purchasing behaviors of cyber buyers.

Trends in Online Shopping Behavior for 2020 are:

Mobile Shopping Will Take Over Desktop

The recent study shows that the turnover generated by smartphones increased 90% in 2016-2017. While the turnover from computers has only increased by 8% over the same period.  The figures vary according to studies. But all agree to show the growing importance of mobile, which should account for between one-third and one- half of worldwide online sales within 3 years.

The omnichannel routes and the web-to-store will be in good shape

On average, more than 60% of consumers have become accustomed to informing themselves online to prepare a purchase in a physical store in 2016. Moreover, more and more consumers practice Show-rooming: 40% of them go to store before buying online. By 2020, the relationship between the e-commerce site and the point of sale will be even closer. Click and Shop could represent up to 22% of web orders within 3 years.

Order online by voice

CES 2017 has recently closed and Amazon has made an impression with its artificial intelligence product called “Alexa”. Through Amazon’s “Echo” is directly connected to the Alexa voice assistant, it is now possible to order just by your voice.

No screen, therefore! Amazon has for example set up a partnership with Pizza Hut: it is enough for the consumer to ask “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut a pizza” to receive your pizza at home. If it becomes more difficult to order a garment. For example, Amazon relies on customer knowledge and algorithms to refine the order. As emphasized by Captain Commerce in a very comprehensive article on the subject.

It is, possible to imagine, in the near future, an enclosure “Echo 2” equipped with a virtual reality headset or a designer to reveal a hologram of the product you want to buy. It is obvious that this type of technology will not be democratized in the very short term. But many tests will be carried out by 2020 and the command by voice could represent a part of the Trends in Online Shopping .

Dash Buttons

You have probably heard about Dash Buttons. These are known as connected buttons, that costumer keeps at home. That allows them to order a product with a simple pressure. Other brands then launched, like Pizza Hut (again) or Darty who offers a Dash Button.

If we were to summarize the different Trends in Online Shopping discussed in this article in 4 words, they would be simplicity, instantaneity, mobility and omnichannel. Will these predictions prove accurate? We will get the answer in 2020!

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