March 2, 2024

Online grocery shopping 2021: All you need to know

Online grocery shopping 2021

Let’s admit it. Life after the covid pandemic has changed. In fact, our buying preferences and shopping habits have changed.

Likewise, changing consumer behaviours have led to a change in shopping styles. Now, most people prefer ordering stuff online.

Be it medicines, grocery or electronic items, online shopping is a desirable and safe option. In fact, Amazon has a dedicated grocery section.

Online grocery shopping 2021

The intent of this article is to inculcate the best information and tips concerned with online grocery shopping. So, just scroll further!


  • Handy tips for lucrative online grocery shopping 2021
  • Amazon Pantry
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Conclusion

Handy tips for lucrative online grocery shopping 2021

1. Open the specific page

Basically, online grocery shopping is available on platforms like Amazon. However, Amazon is a gigantic e-commerce platform that contains a wide range of products.

So, when you log in to your Amazon account, don’t just search for a grocery product. By all means, open the dedicated grocery section.

The benefits of opening this dedicated landing page are:

  • Instant information on best grocery offers.
  • Quick display of available discounts.
  • Systematic segregation of grocery products according to discounts as well as categories.

2. Keep your grocery shopping list ready

One of the most practical challenge of online shopping is selecting a necessary item. Due to more similar products, customers often get confused.

Thus, it is always a good idea to keep a list of grocery items ready. Importantly, this act not only saves your time but also avoids the natural dilemma during shopping grocery online.

As the number of products in the same category is high, it is crucial to know what you want to buy in advance.

3. Flexibility is the key

There are times when your favourite brand is out of stock. So, you need to be mentally ready to add the possible alternative.

Of course, you need to check the reputation of the substitute brand. But, the key here is to stay as flexible as you can. After all, you won’t like to skip an entire grocery shopping experience due to the absence of a particular item.

So, be open-minded to try an alternative grocery item. All in all, get going ahead smartly.

4. Do not overlook offers and discounts

By all means, enticing deals and discounts are the USP of any e-commerce website. Consequently, the same applies to grocery products.

Now, you can get easily lost in scrolling on an app or webpage while selecting the best grocery item. However, it is recommended that you scroll the offers page attentively.

Most e-commerce sites group similar products together and provide a wholesale discount. Eventually, these discounts can save a considerable amount of money.

So, you should always read the offers and discounts while enjoying the online grocery shopping activity.

5. Keep a check on the delivery charges

If you want to buy a single grocery product, always calculate the final price after including delivery charges.

Importantly, you wouldn’t want to end up paying more money than the maximum retail price. Online grocery shopping is profitable when you buy multiple products at one go.

Even so, some items can go below the MRP including delivery charges. Still, it is always wise to be careful about the delivery charges.

6. Shop in advance

It’s always better to order online grocery before your current inventory depletes totally. The delivery time, slots can often lead to more days for final arrival.

Hence, it is of utmost important to shop grocery in advance. So, always prefer ordering grocery at least a week in advance. This can save those last-minute mismanagement blues.

7. Cross-check your shopping cart

Verifying your final grocery list is a vital task. In fact, you shouldn’t miss a single item as grocery is undoubtedly the most important facet of our lives.

Hence, after placing your order, match the items with your list that you prepared as per point 2. Verify that all essential products are included.

Finally, hit that ‘buy now’ icon and anticipate a timely delivery.

8. Utilize the ‘pay on delivery’ option too

For customers wary of online payments, grocery shopping on e-commerce sites isn’t an improbable task at all.

Most sites like Amazon provide the ‘pay on delivery’ option too. Basically, you just need to check the box adjacent to this option.

Subsequently, you can pay the delivery person via cash after you receive all the grocery goods. By all means, this is a convenient option in online grocery shopping.

Online grocery shopping 2021 on Amazon: Amazon Pantry

The most well-known online shopping website, Amazon isn’t constrained to books and gadgets. You might recall point 1. It gave a handy tip about opening a specific page on Amazon.

This dedicated page for online grocery shopping is none other than ‘Amazon Pantry’.

This service from Amazon includes consumable items like:

  • Wheat, rice, pulses.
  • Oils, dairy products, flours.
  • Hygiene and cleaning supplies.
  • Pet food.

So, just click on Amazon Pantry to explore your online supermarket. Also, to know whether this service is available in your city, just click here.

Online grocery shopping 2021 on Amazon: Amazon Fresh

Amazon fresh is another dedicated service from the e-commerce giant that includes:

  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Daily essentials.

Basically, Amazon fresh is mostly focused on perishable grocery items. Nevertheless, if you are a prime member, both services are, indeed, worthwhile.

On another note, if you want to know the detailed difference between Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh, just drop a line in the comments section.


Now that you are well-equipped with useful online grocery shopping tips, why don’t give it a shot? In fact, online grocery shopping can provide convenience from the comfort of your house.

Also, you can save transportation costs too! Hopefully, along with conventional shopping, you will now try to shop for groceries online. Moreover, many people are doing online grocery shopping with ease.

Also, you can definitely check the two grocery services from Amazon mentioned in this blog. Happy shopping!