February 5, 2023

Qualcomm Snapdragon: All You Need To Know About The Eminent Processor Brand

qualcomm snapdragon

What is a smartphone processor? Do you know its importance? At this time, almost everyone possesses a smartphone. But, have you wondered why there’s always an overwhelming fuss about processors?

Many customers overlook the aspect of a high-end processor in their smartphone. Even so, the right processor under the perfect price tag works wonders for you. Similarly, a leading tech company, known as Qualcomm, manufactures prominent processors.

I thought it’s the right time for people to know about the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. After all, next time you buy a particular smartphone, a bit of knowledge about Snapdragon processors will prove handy. But first, let us take a look at the exact utility of processors.


Let’s say, a processor is the brain of your smartphone. When you open any application, the command to perform this action is sent to the processor.

Further, the processing unit receives this command and sends signals to your device. Importantly, there are different processing units for specific functions. 

Despite the complex nature of processing units and internal chips, we do not have to worry. Modern-day processors handle all the tasks efficiently.

Hence, to sum up, the processor sends signals at the right place to perform the desired action.


Generally, the Android smartphone market has various players who manufacture processors. Snapdragon, Exynos, Helio, etc. are some well-known names.

Qualcomm has been on the forefront for delivering promising results to many users. These processors not only provide a balanced output but also generate high efficiency for gaming and hardcore tasks.

Here’s brief information about the company:

Starting year1985
CountryUnited States of America
HeadquartersSan Diego, California
Inception of Snapdragon processors2007

Since this article is limited to Snapdragon processors, it does not contain other Qualcomm products in details. However, for your brief knowledge, Qualcomm manufactures the following products/services too:

  • Modem.
  • Antenna module.
  • Semiconductor.
  • Software.
  • Mobile charging device.


Every company gives code numbers to their products. Similarly, the latest Qualcomm snapdragon processors have certain serial number. Importantly, these processors are included in unique series.

Name of Snapdragon chipsetYear of inception
S1 series2007
S2 series2010
S3 series2011
S4 series2012
200 series2013
400 series2013
600 series2013
700 series2018
800 series2013

As you can see, the year of inception for different processor series coincide. This implies the regular ongoing research in various series. For instance, the snapdragon 732G was announced in 2020.

Also, snapdragon 800 was announced in 2013. However, snapdragon 820, 821 was announced in 2016. Hence, the snapdragon series processors are released as per requirement.


Because all of us want to know the best gadgetry available at the moment, it is imperative to know the current status of these processors.    

At this time, Qualcomm snapdragon 865 is a prominent flagship processor. However, this processor is used in the top-end smartphones. This chip comes equipped with an enhanced image signal processor. Hence, it gives camera productivity the perfect edge.

Famous phones with snapdragon 800 processor:

SmartphoneSnapdragon processor
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro855
Asus ZenFone 7 Pro865+
OnePlus 8 Pro865
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2865+
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip855+

The snapdragon 700 series is an intriguing one too. Some phones with snapdragon 700 processor:

SmartphoneSnapdragon processor
Nokia 8.3765G
Nokia 8.1710
Motorola Razr710
Oppo Reno710
Motorola One 5G765G

Snapdragon uses the 600 series for mid-range smartphones like:

SmartphoneSnapdragon processor
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro626
Nokia 5.3665
Google Pixel 3a670
Redmi Note 8665
Motorola Moto G8665

If you observe the above tables, you’ll notice the segregation of different platforms. Basically, the 800 series is the tier-1 platform. You’ll find snapdragon 800 processors in flagship smartphones.

So, it is clear that snapdragon manufactures different series of processors based on mobile variants. Nevertheless, one thing is certain. At this time, the 800 series is used in high-end smartphones.


I know some technology enthusiasts yearn to read the technical aspects. So, for you guys, the following information will prove handy:

Snapdragon chipsetClock speed (GHz)
865+ (5G)3.10
865 (5G)2.84
768G (5G)2.80
765G (5G)2.40
765 (5G)2.30

 For consumers interested in buying a phone with Qualcomm snapdragon 600 series processor:

Snapdragon chipsetClock speed (GHz)
690 (5G)2.00
6601.95 – 2.20
6531.80 – 1.95

NOTE: The above clock speeds are the CPU speeds of respective snapdragon processors. You might notice variations in the mobile specifications.


Now, you must be wondering about the right processor for yourself. Understandably, lots of technical stuff can complicate things. Hence, you can read the following table. Importantly, every series and its crux are arranged for different users.

Qualcomm snapdragon series
800Premium and flagship.
700Upper end of reasonable budget.
600Most balanced in terms of performance and cost.
400Somewhere between low tier and mid-tier.


On one hand, many smartphone manufacturers use processors from Qualcomm. In contrast, some well-known companies use their exclusive processors.

So, many users get confused when buying such smartphones. While it may be true that Qualcomm processors lead the smartphone market, it isn’t mandatory for every phone. For example, Samsung uses their Exynos series of processors. Generally, regular users do not feel a considerable difference.

Hence, it is a matter of distribution and price of manufacturing. So, the best thing, if you pay attention to processors, is to go through some benchmark scores. This gives a clear idea of a processor and your intention of usage.


Many tech experts rate the latest snapdragon processors best suited for heavy gaming. Simultaneously, other companies are moving ahead too. However, it is conducive to know about processors. After all, it’s your budget and decision while investing in a phone. So, you would always want to buy the best device with a suitable processor.