April 13, 2024

Top 10 Latest Books To Look Out On Amazon India

best new book releases in India

Want to read the best books on Amazon India? Are you up-to-date about the new book releases in India? Don’t worry; we got you covered with this blog!

Books are surely our best friends. They teach us important life lessons, transport us to another era, and have the power to transform our mundane lives.

Undoubtedly, reading books is a great way to utilize our leisure time. So, to help you select a new book that can prove beneficial, Amazon has some wonderful new releases.

Importantly, now that you are on productsmera, there’s no need to scroll multiple pages on Amazon. This blog will facilitate your selection process. So, without any delay, let us now delve on to know the new book releases in India at this time:

1. Healing is the new high

Author nameVex King
GenreSelf-help, personal transformation
PublicationHay House Publishers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Country of originUnited Kingdom

One of the best new book releases in India, ‘Healing is the new high’ is an outstanding self-help book.

On the whole, the title of this book is pretty self-explanatory. It deals with simple techniques that can help you heal from emotional distress. Moreover, you can implement these philosophies at any junction in life.

2. First person singular

Author nameHaruki Murakami
GenreShort stories, fiction
PublicationBungeishunjū, Harvill Secker
Country of originUnited Kingdom

A renowned Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami has numerous bestsellers in his bibliography.

This new release in the Amazon book department consists of eight short stories. These short stories are marvellous with a touch of deep connection and philosophy. Undoubtedly, ‘First person singular’ is a noteworthy new book release in India.

3. Product Leadership  

Author(s) nameRichard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, Nate Walkingshaw

Some books, unlike fictional creations, are extremely beneficial to people who want to develop sound strategies. These strategies prove vital in business as well as practical life.

‘Product Leadership’ is a book that contains useful insights from product managers all over the world. So, budding entrepreneurs interested in product development can find this book to be fruitful.

4. Turn a blind eye

Author nameJeffrey Archer
GenreMystery, fiction
PublicationPan Macmillan UK
Country of originUnited Kingdom

If you love reading intriguing stories, this is definitely one of the best books on Amazon India at this time.

Basically, it gives you a feeling of reading a potential Hollywood series/movie plot. So, William Warwick fans can get ready to experience another captivating tale in the book, ‘Turn a blind eye’.

5. The Code Breaker

Author nameWalter Isaacson
PublicationSimon & Schuster Publishers India Pvt Ltd.

Next on the list of new Amazon book releases is ‘The Code Breaker’. The author, Walter Isaacson, was CEO of the Aspen Institute, United States. Notably, Mr. Isaacson is well-known for his books such as ‘Leonardo da Vinci,’ ‘The Innovators,’ and ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe.’

‘The Code Breaker’ is a biography of Jennifer Doudna, an American biochemist who invented CRISPR, a genome editing technology. So, if you are into DNA sequencing or curious about the science behind it, this is a terrific book to purchase.

6. The Right choice

Author nameShiv Shivkumar
Country of originIndia

At this time, many people face difficult career decisions. These decisions range from selection to career-switch. So, it’s natural to get confused.

To solve this problem, ‘The Right choice’ is a phenomenal self-help book. Importantly, it consists of real-life lessons and knowledge in the professional world. Furthermore, this Amazon new release includes the wisdom of several entrepreneurs and successful professionals.

7. Beyond Order: 12 more rules for Life

Author nameJordan Peterson
PublicationAllen Lane
Country of originUnited Kingdom

While it may be true that self-help books are available from many authors, it is a known fact that each book is unique. Altogether, they have an exclusive touch of the author and his/her personal views.

In the same way, ‘Beyond Order: 12 more rules for Life’ is one of the best books on Amazon. It is a sequel to the previously written bestseller ’12 rules for Life’. In this book, Mr. Peterson provides us with 12 noteworthy rules for moving forward efficiently in our chaotic lives.    

So, if you are a wise person who implements important knowledge from books, this could be an enticing new release to purchase on Amazon.

8. Unwinding Anxiety

Author nameJudson Brewer
GenrePersonal transformation
Country of originUnited States of America

Judson Brewer is a neuroscientist and bestselling author. Hence, his book undoubtedly contains science-backed content due to his research experience.

‘Unwinding Anxiety’ is a helpful book for people who want to use mindfulness to overcome minor and major life challenges. All in all, to cope up with growing anxieties, this book can find lots of readers in the Amazon books category.

9. Think again

Author nameAdam Grant
PublicationWH Allen

Thinking is a paramount aspect of our lives. Generally, people who think logically tend to make better decisions.

Similarly, ‘Think again’ is a useful book which can surely enhance an individual. Its goal is to convey to readers the importance of rethinking and implementing thoughtful strategies in order to take the right steps.

10. Bare Necessities

Author(s) nameSahar Mansoor, Tim De Ridder
GenreEcotourism, guidebook

One of the best books on Amazon India in this list is none other than ‘Bare necessities. After all, we need to play our part to rectify past mistakes.

This book contains useful, simple, yet vital methods for reducing waste and pollution in all possible ways. Importantly, if everyone follows these simple guidelines, our planet will be able to last even longer. So, if you want to live a zero-waste life, be sure to explore this Amazon book.

Best new book releases in India : Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Amazon account and choose the book which you would love to read. Also, if you have some cool suggestions, don’t forget to use the comments section!