Top 5 Best Selling Books In INDIA You Can Buy Online

Top selling books in india

If you are searching for the next best selling novels to choose from, this particular blog can be very useful to you without a doubt. India is home to many amazing authors who publish books regularly. You can agree that with the advent of digital platforms, the efforts for publishing a book has definitely decreased. Online websites provide a good collection of best selling books in India. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the best selling books in India at this time:

Top 5 Best Selling Books in India


This particular book can slowly make its way to the list of best selling books of all time. It is written by the well-known Indian author Amish Tripathi & his team. Along with this latest fiction novel, Amish have previously written prominent books like ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ and ‘Sita: Warrior of Mithila’. Furthermore, Amazon has ranked ‘Legend of Suheldev: The King who saved India’ as number 1 in the list of top selling books in India.

The book, launched in 2020 is about a King called Suheldev who played a major role in fighting the foreign powers who wanted to disrupt and conquer India. The book is said to be inspired by real-life events. Along with the fascinating narrative, Amish and his team have indirectly given the message of the importance of unity in this book.

The book depicts how King Suheldev was successful in unifying civilians and fighters irrespective of religion. Will this book make its way amongst the High selling books of all time? Indeed, time will tell. But, team Amish has put together a fine work of literature.

Best selling books in india


‘The Alchemist’ was written by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. It is one of the highest-rated bestselling novels on Amazon. If you are the kind of person who wants to read a life-changing philosophical book, ‘The Alchemist’ can definitely fulfil your intellectual aspirations.

The book is about the journey of a young shepherd in the search of a treasure which eventually gives him a phenomenal experience. The beauty of this book is that it provides the reader with a marvellous experience of quest and adventure. Despite being written in 1988, this book from Coelho is purchased and read even today by many young people. One can obviously term ‘The Alchemist’ as a book which is worthy to read again and again.

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Ever question the meaning of life? Are you amongst the people who feel that something is missing? Above all the other questions in life, most of us want to find our true purpose. For all the individuals who seek help and answers to some deep philosophical questions, Robin Sharma has written an amazing piece of literature named ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’.

This fictional book is about an attorney who leaves all his material possessions to seek his own true meaning of life. This book is inspired by the real-life experiences of Robin’s own existence. Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer who was a litigation lawyer until 25! I reckon that this book can be a very useful self-help guide to people who want something more beyond their daily routines and materialistic lifestyle.

At this time, we are indulged in a crazy routine and most of us desperately want proper guidance. Well, ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ can serve all these purposes. It is one of the bestselling novels and you won’t be disappointed after reading it.

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One of the best selling books in India, ‘Great stories for children’ is a good book to buy for your kids. It is written by Padma Bhushan Ruskin Bond, who is a prominent Indian writer. In addition to children stories, Ruskin has written in genres like fiction, romance and short stories.

‘Great stories for children’ contains a mixture of short stories. Which can prove to be an effective bedtime option for your kids. There are many interesting characters in the book and you might even enjoy the book irrespective of your age. This book can indeed prove as a refreshing option for one’s family.

Top selling books in india


This is indeed one of the most inspiring and useful books that you can find on any online platform. It is written by two authors- Hector Garcia and Albert Liebermann. You can include this book in the ‘self-help’ genre of writing.

‘Ikagai’ is a Japanese philosophy which means ‘a direction to live’. It shows an individual their own reason to find the meaning and purpose of life. The different chapters in the book give you a step-by-step methodology of important aspects in everyone’s life like stress. The meaning of life and some techniques which can effectively help you become an enhanced individual.

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These books have been loved throughout India by many avid readers. If you know more interesting books that can be useful to someone, just utilize the comments section below to exchange ideas. Hopefully, this list has helped in short-listing your next book!