December 5, 2022

Top 5 Smart TV You Can Buy Online

Smart tv online

Have you upgraded to a smart TV yet? If not, we have the best collection for you! Smart TVs no longer cost an arm and leg. In fact, the rise in tech competitors has led to a stupendous amount of competitive prices.

When you browse sites to buy smart TV online, you will find multiple options. By all means, multiple options lead to confusion.

Hence, to ease your mind and short-list trending smart TVs, we have the perfect picks for you:

1. Samsung Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV

Screen display size32 inches
Weight (approx.)4 Kg
Operating systemAndroid
Display typeLED

At this time, this LED TV is one of the highest-rated smart TV online. Importantly, the compact screen size enables users to place it in limited space.

Surely, there is no doubt regarding Samsung products. Similarly, this LED smart TV packs many attractive features.

For starters, it has a 60 Hz screen refresh rate. Secondly, the sound output comes equipped with Dolby digital tech.

Further, it has smart TV features like:

  • Voice assistant.
  • App compatibility.
  • Home cloud.
  • Screen share.
  • Music system.
  • Alexa compatibility.

By all means, the list can go on and on. So, if you want to invest in an affordable 32 inch LED smart TV; this is a top product to explore.

2. OnePlus Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

Screen display size32 inches
Weight (approx.)3.5 Kg
Operating systemAndroid
Display typeLED

If you are a ‘OnePlus’ fan, this smart TV can definitely intrigue you. Importantly, it has a high support of compatible online apps.

Also, this smart TV supports the Google assistant. Still, the bezel-less display design is one of its significant parameter.

Many customers prefer bezel-less designs in modern TVs. So, OnePlus has ticked the right box in this aspect.

Some attractive features of this smart TV are:

  • An image contrast ratio of 5000:1.
  • Support to Chromecast.
  • More than 90% screen to body ratio.
  • The exclusive OnePlus connect application.

Altogether, with two screen display size options (32 inches and 43 inches), this smart TV can certainly cater a wide customers.

3. Panasonic Full HD Android Smart LED TV

Smart tv online
Screen display size40 inches
Weight (approx.)6 Kg
Operating systemAndroid
Display typeLED

Since the 20th century, Panasonic (formerly known as Matsushita Electric) is a well-known global brand. Now, they are active in the smart TV market too.

Ideally, many customers prefer a 40 inch TV for various reasons. Thus, this particular smart TV can be a desirable option.

This LED television is regarded as one of the most balanced smart TV online. The adjective balance implies a convenient combination of price, features and aesthetics.

Some prominent features of this Panasonic LED smart TV are:

  • In-built Chromecast.
  • Ample availability of OTT app support.
  • Adaptive backlight.
  • Audio link.

In addition to the above features, this smart TV has a bezel-less display and 1 GB of RAM. All in all, you can definitely explore this smart TV.

4. Onida Fire TV Edition Full HD Smart IPS LED TV

Smart tv online
Screen display size43 inches
Weight (approx.)8 Kg
Operating systemFireOS
Display typeIPS

Onida is yet another prominent brand in the Indian market. This smart TV is a tad different than others on the list.

Firstly, it is based on FireOS, which is an operating system created by Amazon. Hence, you can surely observe the default compatibility of Amazon products with this TV.

In terms of the TV details, perhaps competitive costing is an exciting aspect. Apart from this point, the TV comes with many smart features like:

  • Dual-band WI-Fi.
  • DTS TruSurround technology.
  • Alexa voice remote compatibility.
  • Gaming console support.

Additionally, the display mirroring is another cool feature to check out in this TV.

5. Samsung ‘The Serif Series’ 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Smart tv online
Screen display size55 inches
Weight (approx.)27 Kg
Operating systemTizen
Display typeQLED

Finally, for customers with no budget constraints, the Serif is, indeed, an enticing smart TV. However, maximum discounts are available when you buy such smart TV online.

The notable difference of this QLED smart TV is obviously the operating system. Generally, Tizen is a Linux-based OS used predominantly by Samsung.

In terms of features, this TV has almost everything. With a high screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, you can be certain about the high-calibre display.

The notable features of this smart TV are:

  • A 4K display resolution.
  • A personal computer mode.
  • Multiple voice assistants.
  • NFC support.
  • Unique aesthetics.

Consider these points while buying smart TV online:

Well, now you have a basic idea of the best 5 smart TVs on Amazon India right now. But, there are some handy points which you must be aware:

  • Firstly, read almost every customer review.
  • Second, note the warranty, return and other relevant policies carefully.
  • View the customer images to get a better idea of the display size.
  • Also, read detailed reviews and watch videos related to your short-listed smart TVs.

All in all, it is better to make use of all the existing internet sources when buying smart TV online.

Buying Smart TV online is now an easy chore!

Gone are the days when customers worry about the quality of goods purchased online. Trusted e-commerce platforms provide all services promptly.

Importantly, for Smart TVs, proper installation at reasonable rates is vital. So, due to a growing customer base who purchase a Smart TV online, many online sites provide free installation. Isn’t it astonishing?

Furthermore, you can do this from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on your favoured TV and explore the possibility!