Samsung Galaxy S21 review

Samsung Galaxy S21Review 2021: Should you buy this smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is the latest flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant. So, should you invest in this 5G compatible flagship device? Read the review to decide!

The S21 series is a fresh arrival in the Indian smartphone market. Altogether, with three different price tags, the trio offers unique specs to a customer.

Importantly, this review will be limited to Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Still, to provide a brief comparison of the three models, this table will prove informative:

Samsung Galaxy S21 series: A short spec comparison

ParameterSamsung Galaxy S21 5GSamsung Galaxy S21+ 5GSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Screen size (cm)15.8416.9517.30
Battery (mAh)400048005000
Weight (g)169200227

Moreover, the Galaxy S21 5G is the most affordable amongst the S21 trio. Also, it weighs less than the S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G.

Now, before proceeding to the in-depth review of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, let us take a quick look at the technical specs:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: Important technical specifications 

Screen resolution1080 x 2400p
Operating systemOne UI 3.1 (Running on Android 11)
Processor chipsetExynos 2100
Internal storage options128 GB/256 GB
Rear camera12 MP + 64 MP + 12 MP
Front camera10 MP
Battery capacity4000 mAh

The ‘S’ series of Samsung contains high-end flagship smartphones. Of course, the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G proves the ‘flagship’ tag.

Still, is this device capable to light-up 2021? Let us understand point by point:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: First look and design

Samsung Galaxy S21 review

First and foremost, before moving directly to the handset, there are some important points to realize. The box does not contain any charger and headphones. So, this is a vital absence which you will notice in some new phones from 2021.

Now, when you look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, the first adjective which describes its design could be ‘premium’. However, this premium design is inclined towards a more minimalistic approach.

The front screen has a punch-hole type selfie camera. Basically, it follows a similar design approach used in many modern smartphones.

There are no physical keys on the front display. So, you can be well-assured of a large screen-to-body ratio. Moreover, a screen-to-body ratio of approximately 86% is a welcome inclusion.

On the other hand, the rear design has a significant aesthetic look. The triple camera setup is included in a left bump vertical arrangement. Overall, the rear camera arrangement looks fascinating. If you choose the phantom violet colour, a dual colour combination is well on the cards.

This colour combination distinguishes the triple camera setup from the back panel. All in all, the front and rear design gels well with each other. Hence, we can conclude the aesthetic part to be simple, yet premium.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: Display details

Samsung Galaxy S21 review

The Galaxy S21 5G boasts a 1080p dynamic AMOLED 6.2-inch display. The screen has a 120 Hz refresh rate. So, a combination of great resolution and high refresh rate implies a sharp and crisp viewing experience.

Furthermore, you will find useful tweaks to the screen display settings like an eye comfort shield. Also, the natural mode is your go-to option for an optimal screen viewing experience.

All in all, Samsung has been on the forefront in terms of high-quality displays. So, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G follows the same quality.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: The operating system

Basically, the UI and software of any smartphone is of paramount importance. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G runs on a custom Android skin called One UI. The version is One UI 3.1.

Generally, the UI looks simple and similar to previous One UI Samsung phones. Still, there are some modifications like a full-screen notification bar, notification history, bubbles, etc.

Most of these cheeky features are a result of Android 11. So, overall, the Samsung One UI is capable of satisfying most smartphone users.

The Battery

An often vital specification, the battery performance of a phone is important as well as subjective.

I said subjective because every user has a unique usage pattern. Still, the capacity remains constant irrespective of any user. A capacity of 4000 mAh should be enough to support daily utility.

The adaptive refresh rate helps in this aspect. Nevertheless, in today’s modern era, a smartphone with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and above has become a necessity.

But, you might have to choose a separate charger for the Galaxy S21 5G. Because the box does not contain a charger. So, choose the wattage of a relevant Samsung charger wisely.

The Camera details

The rear camera produces satisfactory images which one expects from flagship phones. Notably, the camera app has exciting modes like portrait, pro mode, single take mode, etc.

The Ultra-wide lens is capable of producing good quality sharp photos. The night mode is another handy feature which is more than capable to take care of low-light photography.

The front camera sensor, although 10 MP in specification, is capable of capturing wide selfies effortlessly.

The X Factor

Now that the crucial points like design, build, rear camera details are done, let’s move to the X factor.

All in all, one can agree that the display stands out in the Galaxy S21 5G. In addition to the crisp resolution, the 5G compatibility certainly makes it future-ready.

Also, a good combo of triple rear cameras and decent selfie camera completes the photography aspect. Furthermore, the simple design has its dedicated fan base too.

To sum up, the X factor of Galaxy S21 5G has to be its all-round capability.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: The verdict

Finally, the million-dollar question – ‘should I buy it or not?’ Well, if you want a good-looking flagship Samsung device and have a high budget, this is a good device to consider. It is less expensive than Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G & Galaxy S20. Also, it is capable of handling multiple functions with ease.

The camera is a plus point of this One UI based device. So, if you want a unique-coloured ‘S’ series Samsung phone, the S21 5G is a possible option to explore.

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