March 2, 2024

iPhone SE 64GB vs. iPhone 11: Which one to buy?

iphone se vs iphone 11

There is always a strange dilemma when one has to make a choice between two short-listed potential smartphones to purchase. It becomes confusing at times and equally exciting. Which one should I buy? We get caught up in the technical specifications and often neglect our own true desire. This blog is for all the iOS lovers and people who want to purchase the latest iPhone. It might be your first apple smartphone or just your next one. You might be in a dire need of a change from the android platform. Or, you might just want an apple phone.Irrespective of the reasons, you still want to read an insightful iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 comparison. Also, you want to know which one is the best device for you.

This blog might make your thinking process more clear. So, without further delay, here is the iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 comparison:

iPhone SE 64GB vs. iPhone 11

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First and foremost, let’s take a look at head to head differentiation of the two Apple smartphones:

ParameteriPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
Screen size (Inches)4.76.1
Resolution (Pixels)750 x 1334828 x 1792
RAM (GB)34
Internal storage (GB)6464
Fingerprint scannerYESNO
3.5 mm headphone jackYESNO
Dual SIMNO (e-SIM support if required)YES
Weight (in grams)148194
Rear Camera (Megapixels)1212 + 12 (Dual)
Front Camera (Megapixels)712
Battery capacity (mAh)18213110
Price (Approx. ₹)42,500/-60,000/-

The parameters included in the table are the most considered factors by majority of users. The general users do not usually concern themselves with other in-depth technical aspects like the chip-set or clock speed of a processor. But, for the techno-savvy buyers, the following is a head-to-head comparison regarding crucial technical aspects of the iPhone SE (64 GB) 2020 variant and iPhone 11:

ParameteriPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
Operating systemiOS version 13iOS version 13
ChipsetA13 bionicA13 bionic
CPU speed (GHz)2.652.65
Aspect ratio16:919:9
IP ratingIP67IP68

As you can see, there is just a marginal difference in terms of software, CPU and processor specifications. Therefore, we can conclude that Apple has put more focus on external features and specifications particularly regarding camera and screen size amongst the two.


Now, let’s come to the overall aesthetics of the two devices. Looks of a car or a smartphone are very subjective and they differ from person to person. But, we can always agree on some points in terms of general opinion of a device. The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 variant have distinctive design differences. To make things simple for you, the design or looks differences in a glance are:

iPhone SE (64 GB)iPhone 11
The screen display looks traditionalThe screen display is edge to edge
Single rear cameraDual rear cameras
Circular physical home button is presentThere is no such physical home button
Overall size is more compactSize is comparatively large
Limited colour options i.e. 3More colour options i.e. 6

One can clearly understand the differences visually. But, it is better to mention the points as a user changes his priorities from time to time. The bottom line in terms of aesthetics of the two smartphones is that the iPhone SE looks a typical and conventional Apple phone. On the contrary, the iPhone 11 is designed as a new-look modern device. Big screen size, elimination of a physical home button is something which was not associated with an Apple phone. But, due to more and more emphasis on in-built touch sensor and demand of a bigger screen, the iPhone 11 was designed the way it is.


This section points out the valid reasons to buy one device over the other. After the technical aspects and design differences, the user always wants to know what the major points to prefer a particular smartphone are. Well, let’s have a look:


  • It is more slender and sleek.
  • A dedicated fingerprint scanner is present.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack is available which is very convenient and compatible with majority of the headsets.
  • It is slightly less heavy. But note that the weight difference is negligible.
  • It gives you a more traditional Apple smartphone feel.
  • The price is comparatively less.


  • The battery capacity is more.
  • The RAM is higher than SE 2020.
  • The screen size is more which can be ergonomically fruitful to watch movies, videos, read documents and play games.
  • The dual camera setup allows you to experiment more with your smartphone photography.
  • The front camera has better resolution.
  • End to end screen display looks more modern and fashionable.


The most important part of any technical blog. What is the conclusion? Which one should you buy? The iPhone SE or the iPhone 11? It is a no-brainer that iPhone SE is less expensive than iPhone 11. So, if you have budget constraints, iPhone 11 naturally falls out of the race.

But, for users who do not have a budget constraint and can spend decent amount of money for their new smartphone, the iPhone 11 gives you a better camera and bigger screen advantage. The screen resolution also enhances your experience drastically. Having said that, the iPhone SE 2020 is a good performer and can fulfill your regular requirements. The software factor is not a huge differential when comparing the two smartphones. Hence, it’s all about your desire and preference in this particular case.

If you want a compact, more traditional Apple smartphone and are willing to compromise a bit on the camera criteria, go for the Apple SE 2020. If you want an Apple phone with a better and bigger screen, good camera and more battery life, go for iPhone 11. The choice is subjective and both the devices fulfill their respective roles. So, which one do you want to buy online? The iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone 11? Let us know in the comment section.