March 2, 2024

Motorola One Fusion: First Impressions & details

Upcoming smartphone

The Motorola one fusion is an upcoming smartphone from the well-known Motorola brand. It is estimated to be launched in August 2020 in India. You can expect the Motorola one fusion to cost under ₹ 20000/-. Most recently, Motorola has been providing a decent number of features in their smartphones. The balance of features and cost has been a vital factor for people to consider buying a Motorola smartphone. The devices from Motorola are furnished with regular updates. Apart from this, let us take a look at the possible reasons to be considered if you want to buy the Motorola one fusion smartphone:


Anyone can agree that Motorola one fusion is a sibling of the Motorola one fusion plus which was launched in June 2020. Look wise, it does not have drastic design changes compared to the fusion plus. The screen size is the same with some compromise on processor, cameras and RAM as compared to its launched sibling. Motorola has managed to provide an all-powerful battery in both the handsets. Eventually, it looks a classy mid-range smartphone with a high emphasis on the camera and software features.

The rear portion contains a quad-camera setup which are arranged neatly and parallel to the edge of the smartphone. So, you won’t feel that a lot of space has been utilized at the rear. Besides the orderly camera placement in the back, the ‘one fusion’ has a water drop notch in the front. The 6.5 inches screen display will definitely meet most of your video and gaming requirements. All in all, you can expect a neatly designed smartphone provided by Motorola. On GSMArena, you can find official images of this smartphone.


Operating systemAndroid 10
Internal storage64 GB
Front camera8 MP
Rear camera48 + 8 + 5 + 2 MP Quad camera setup
Battery capacity5000 mAh
Screen size6.5 inches
3.5 mm audio jackYES
Fingerprint sensorYES
ProcessorQualcomm snapdragon 710


The prime attraction of this smartphone which might serve as the unique selling proposition is the rear camera setup. The segregation of the quad rear camera setup is as follows:

48 Megapixels: Major camera lens

8 Megapixels: Wide angle lens

5 Megapixels: Macro lens

2 Megapixels: Depth sensor

Quad camera setup in a smartphone has different lens performing different functions. These functions are determined by the manufacturer and depend on how the makers want their camera to work. The configurations of this setup can vary mainly in 3 different settings. For instance, in some smartphones, the wide-angle lens can be replaced with a monochrome lens. The telephoto lens is also provided in some smartphones. But, for the Motorola one fusion, the makers have given priority to the wide-angle lens. You can expect a satisfactory camera performance from the ‘one fusion’.

In terms of the front camera configuration, the 8 megapixels single lens can be enough to meet the regular requirements of general users. It should be noted by the users that the front camera in the Motorola one fusion plus is pop-up type. You won’t get the same pop-up mechanism in the Motorola one fusion. It is not a considerable drawback as you can get some advantage on the battery usage.


  • An impressive specification which you might have noticed in this smartphone is its battery capacity. Most of the users complain about low battery backup issues in their smartphones. Luckily, the ‘one fusion’ has a potent 5000 mAh battery. This high-capacity battery can be very useful to provide you with enough power for multitasking and other substantial utility.
  • For a mid-range smartphone, the octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 710 is a capable processor. This processor was launched in 2018 but functions well for heavy gaming and multitasking applications. As a user, you won’t face a lot of lagging issues because of the presence of a 4 GB RAM coupled with a decent processor like the Snapdragon 710.
  • The screen size of ‘one fusion’ is large enough to make gaming and watching videos enjoyable on your device. So, if you want a smartphone with a good screen display and size, the ‘one fusion’ can be on your wish list soon.
  • The ‘one fusion’ runs on Android 10. Since it is one of the latest versions of Android, you will get the latest updates and more stability in terms of software. The Android 10 also has a dark theme which gives some users a much-wanted look to their device.
  • Even though the weight of Motorola smartphones is more as compared to their competitors, users have generally been satisfied with the overall build quality. You can expect a similar experience with the ‘one fusion’ smartphone too. The ‘one fusion plus’ has been termed as a smartphone with a good build quality by many users. Hence, you can expect complimentary feel from ‘one fusion’.


If you want to buy a mid-range smartphone with all-round capabilities, the Motorola one fusion can be a good option. The expected price of this smartphone is approximately ₹ 18000/-. You can apprehend the online price to vary in the price range of ₹ 16000- ₹ 20000.

I reckon that one of the best advantages which Motorola smartphones provide their users with is the stock android experience. So, keep an eye on the online platforms if possible in August 2020. You can possibly get a useful and budget-friendly smartphone in the market. Let us know your valuable opinion about the Motorola one fusion smartphone in the comment section below!